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Human vrs wild elephants


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During the last five years (2007-2012) there were about 1255 human-elephant conflicts in Meghalaya in which three human lives were lost and four humans were injured as per news report (ST, Sept 23rd, 2013). In the small State of Meghalaya where people are poor agriculturists, this is considered to be very alarming. No adequate help could come to protect the crops of the poor people or their dwelling huts in the jungles destroyed or damaged by the 1820 plus elephants in the State. Only when damage has been done, then Govt would take nominal action. The NGO’s and traditional bodies have been very right in opposing the creation of elephant reserves in West and South West Khasi Hills. They should do so in Ri-Bhoi District also. These reserves do no good to the local people but restrict their means, their safety and their livelihood. It is the duty of the Govt to help improve the lot of the villagers first and then look after elephants. Do not just show the world that you have so many wild elephants, but look at the fate of the villagers first. How much revenue has the Environment and Forest Department earned during the years, from the elephants reserves or wild life sanctuary?

Yours etc.,

C.K. Marbaniang


GSI land at Rynjah


The hill behind Rynjah Police Station has suddenly woken up with many Geological Survey of India vehicles moving up and down and cleaning the bushes and grass. On enquiry from the officers at the hill it was informed that Secretary, Mines, Govt of India is coming for the stone laying ceremony of the Office Building. It is a laughable proposition since at same place at different times, stone laying ceremonies have taken place by different dignitaries of G.S.I, but so far there is no sign of any construction. So will it be different this time? The prime land has been lying like that for the last few decades without any construction and only few hutments with tin roofs are seen with a few staff. The workers always say that the person in charge of GSI hardly take any interest as they are posted only for less than two/three years. Now that the city has expanded an office construction at this stage will create nuisance for the residents of Rynjah area. My family is staying in this locality for the last so many years. At this stage the pressure groups of Shillong should pressurize the Government of Meghalaya to allot the land in New Shillong Township for the GSI where other offices are being constructed.

Yours etc.,

T. Pyngrope



Hate crimes


The editorial “Hate crimes” is spot on. Sadly the conscious sections of Shillong’s citizenry has not been able to stand up against the inhuman acts of criminals who burn people alive. How is it that the NGOs who disown such dastardly attacks like the petrol bomb attacks fail to mobilise the traders and shop keepers of the locality to protest by downing their shutters even for a day? Is it believable that the local residents could repeatedly fail to apprehend such criminals fleeing in broad day light? How is it that the otherwise all powerful Rangbah Shnong fail to take any steps? Where is the Meghalaya Human Rights Organization?

The other point that needs to be highlighted is that if there was even a semblance of governance such crimes cannot take place repeatedly with impunity.

Yours etc.,

Bibek Dutta

Rukmini Nagar

Guwahati -8



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