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Govt employees colluding with HNLC


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I am personally disgusted with the State Govt employees who did not come to work on 23.12.2013 using the HNLC bandh as an excuse. Meghalaya Govt. employees have by and large become a cowardly, under-motivated and insensitive bunch of human beings who only look forward to their next paycheck without doing any real work. Bandhs called by any Tom, Dick or Harry will always be 100% successful in Meghalaya due to the revolting attitude of Govt employees who offer full support to these bandhs. A bandh is a paid holiday for Govt. employees. No pay is ever deducted for failure to turn up to work even though typical noises are made. Whereas in other states, department heads would pull up offending employees and initiate departmental action against them, there is no such fear in Meghalaya thanks to ‘cooperative’ bosses. Even our Deputy Commissioners cannot ensure attendance in their own offices during bandhs. But has any action ever been taken against any employee for no-show during a bandh? When was the last time that happened? I sometimes wonder how these Govt Servants are able to look their children in the eye and explain why Daddy or Mummy is missing work (again). The children would see through their lies after a while and think it’s alright to be a coward and shirker when they grow up. After all, Daddy and Mummy showed them the way, didn’t they? When we talk about Bandh Culture, we must remember that it is none other than Govt Employees who are the main proponents of this hateful culture that has destroyed the state. They do it with impunity, without fear of losing pay or reprisal! I would like to remind them that their own children and grandchildren will one day scorn them and suffer for their sly, indifferent ways. The people need to start shaming Govt employees who take ‘bandh holidays’ publicly. Names must be taken, questions must be asked about why their pay isn’t being deducted as per rules. We must not allow offending employees to hide behind the veil of anonymity which they have done thus far. We have to destroy the Bandh Culture right now. The way to start is by demanding personal accountability from every Govt employee to show up at work during bandhs. These people have cost us a lot of money and the better part of our future by sitting at home and secretly applauding bandhs!
Yours etc.,
Daisy Kharkongor,

Dialogue – need of the hour

Apropos the story “Resolve ILP issue through dialogue,” by Rev Dominic Jala, I fully support the appeal made by Archbishop Jala. The main idea is to combat and prevent violence of any kind. Even a bandh is a form of violence because it is an imposition and threat of muscle power and a lynch-mob, barbaric mentality. In the spirit of Christmas and Peace for 2014, more and more Church leaders irrespective of denominations should come out in support of Rev Jala’s appeal.
Yours etc,.
Rudi Warjri,
Via email

NEHU routine needs relook

On behalf of all the 3rd   year B. Sc (Royal) students of Don Bosco College, Tura and  Government College, Tura, I would like to request the North Eastern Hills University to make some changes in the routine they prepared for the students of 3rd  year B Sc (Honours) 2014, specifically Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, as the declared routine gives no time to the students for revision . Often it happens that students under NEHU had to write back to back honours papers but there they at least had nearly 10 to 14 days of revision time before the honours examination. This time, probably keeping the upcoming elections in mind, the University did not allot that expected and necessary time. But, it is practically impossible for a student who neither has a long gap before the honours exams nor has any time in between the exams, to write  3 to 4 honours papers consecutively. After writing an exam from 9 am to 12 pm, a student has merely18 hours countdown for the next honours paper. And in that time period, he, not only has to revise a bulky syllabus, but he also has to bathe, sleep, eat, etc. At this point of time we do not know whom to approach for our problems. So, we choose the media to convey our humble request to the concerned authority of the University to re-think about the honours routine of 3rd B.Sc. and make necessary changes for the greater good of the students.
Yours etc.      
 Suvodeep Sen


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