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School books


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From time to time at the beginning of the academic year the school authorities direct their students to purchase books from a certain book shop at Iewduh, whereas there are scores of other book stalls in an and around Iewduh, Mawkhar etc., One has to queue up for the books and wait for a long time. What about students from Laitumkhrah, Nongthymmai and elsewhere. Why should they be made to go to Iewduh when there are four book stalls in Laitumkhrah selling books at the same rate. Where are the NGOs and the Khasi Students’ Union at such times? The Government should issue orders allowing the students to buy books from any shop and this sensible order should be followed by all school authorities.

Yours etc.,

Badonlang Lyngdoh,



Load shedding



The MSEB has started load shedding at night (12-5 am) and morning (8am to 10 am). Considering the state is deficient in power production, this is expected. But it is the timing that has to be rational. This year the winter in Shillong has been very harsh. It still is. This is also the time when most students are preparing for various Boards, Entrance and University examination which are going to held from March onwards. Most of these students do their studies till late night and early morning because during the day they have their tuitions. Nights and mornings are the only time they get to prepare for their examination. But not only there is no light after 12 am but also without any heating system it is too cold to sit and study. As parents we feel completely helpless about our ward’s predicament.

We therefore request the MeECL to change the timing of load shedding for the sake of our children and their future. Kindly reschedule the timings to between 1 a m to 6 a m and from l0 am to 12 noon in the concerned areas. Students would benefit immensely from this new timing

Yours etc.,

Dr. S. Nath

& H. Nongrum,


Why the double standards?



The recent brutal killing of a student from Arunachal Pradesh in Delhi is highly condemnable. I hope the Government will take all possible steps quickly to bring the culprits to justice. It is also a welcome step to appoint a Committee to look into racial discrimination if any. I have seen however for the past so many years many people are being killed in the North East especially those from outside the region and even the non- tribals who have settled in the north east for a long time. It would not be difficult to get these figures. The question is why should the people from the North East be treated more equal than others? Why is the media silent on the plight of other people in the North East? During the last 4 months at least two non tribals have been burnt alive in Shillong by the members of organizations who are protesting today against the killing in Delhi. Why is the status of non tribals like second class citizens in states like Meghalaya? Why are Indians who come here mostly as labourers being harassed in the name of foreigners? Why are the organizations responsible for killing and harassing non tribals when declared as ‘Indians by accident’ still at large and no action is taken against them? There will be many more questions like this.

If the Committee is looking into the racial discrimination angle against people from the North East only, it will certainly not be fair to people of rest of the country and the other non tribals staying here for centuries not to deserve the same. It is a classic world of hypocrisy. It would therefore be most appropriate to broaden the scope of the terms of the Committee to include all the aspects covering the racial discrimination angle purely on the principle of fairness.

Yours etc.,

Pynshngain L Lyngdoh,



Meghalaya Police in doldrums



Meghalaya Police today, seems to be floundering like a ship on a stormy sea with no direction. Crimes are rising and unchecked, and the militancy problem in the Garo Hills has reached the lowest point ever. Extortion, killings and kidnappings are taking place on a daily basis. We recall that nearly ten-fifteen years ago it was due to the hard work and dedication of some officers and men that the HNLC was almost wiped out and is yet to recover, and the ANVC tamed and forced to come over ground. In spite of manpower shortage, lack of sophisticated weapons and equipments they were able to put in their best because they had a strong leadership and support from Police Headquarters. Today, Meghalaya Police is in the news simply because it is the only State in the country where a sitting DGP was removed from office on the direction of the Election Commission for corruption and another DGP who was so complacent and ignorant of the rise of militancy in Garo Hills, that if he and Sohan Shira were to share the same table, he would not have known him or cared less.

As for the present DGP, a guy who constantly says that no person is above the law and criminals will be dealt with a firm hand it is learnt that he is trying to protect someone who is wanted by the Rajasthan Police. On the other hand subordinate officers and police personnel have been arrested and suspended without drawing Departmental proceedings for their involvement in crime! The DGP should have used the same yard stick for his own relative. What ails Meghalaya Police today is that the right officers are not sitting in the right places. We earnestly request the Chief Minister and the Home Minister to look into these matters and Spring Clean the Department so that upright police personnel can perform their duty with no fear or bias. Only then will Meghalaya Police regain its past glory.

Yours etc.,

B. R. Marak,

P. G. Momin & others



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