Ardent allays harassment fear

SHILLONG: KHADC CEM Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit has said that the present Executive Committee (EC) has no intention to suppress or harass the genuine non-tribals.

“I know there is an apprehension among many that the action taken by the present EC is totally anti-non-tribal,” Basaiawmoit said while talking to newsmen here on Thursday.

“I want to sent a clear message to all the genuine non indigenous business community of the region that the executive committee is in no way adopting any policy of ‘anti-non tribal’, but it is putting all effort to ensure that outsiders do not get to operate any illegal businesses in any parts of the council’s jurisdiction,” Basaiawmoit said.

While referring to checking of the trading license, he said, “We would like to ensure that no one does business without complying with the various provisions laid under the Trading by Non-Tribal Regulation Act, 1954.”

Urging the genuine non-indigenous community to extend cooperation and support to the council, Basaiawmoit said, “They should also help us in identifying such people who are trying to exploit the situation.”

Basiawmoit said that he is also ready to meet the genuine non-tribal to discuss on any of their problem.

“The door is always open for discussion,” he added.

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