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People were soaked in blood: eyewitness


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TURA: The occupants of a private vehicle passing through the same road when the accident occurred recount the horror they witnessed at Dollonggre on Thursday night.
“We were shocked to witness such a human disaster. Almost all the passengers were soaked in blood and their faces were not recognizable due to the injuries,” said this eyewitness and a government employee on condition of anonymity.
“Some of the passengers could be taken out while some could not. We could hear their horrifying cries for help but we were helpless though we tried our best,” lamented this eyewitness who joined others in trying to get those fortunate ones out of the mangled bus.
The 108 emergency service was pressed into service and dozens of injured passengers were shifted to Tura by these ambulances throughout the night. The 108 Emergency Service Ambulance base in Rari, Resubelpara, Tura and Dadenggre were pressed into service and helped to shift as many as 24 injured passengers.
Some of the injured rushed by 108 included Salnation D. Shira (19/female), Tian Momin (20/female), Sonahar Ali Khan (26/male), Napoleon Chiran (50/male), R. Sangma (28/female), Vincent K. Marak (81/male), R. Syiemiong (38/male), Sujit Baruah (37/male), Dilbag Singh (26/male), Khela Ch. Kooch (55/male), Dapmian Dkhar (26/male), J. Tariang (38/male), Francis Lyngkhoi (21/male), Salim Miah (18/male), Manju Alam Shiekh (54/male), Aditya Hajong (33/male), Roshni Hajong (23/female) and Takir Shiekh (18/male).
Questions have been raised on the road worthiness of the bus, the condition and experience of the driver, the load capacity of the vehicle and the role of the transport authority in monitoring the passenger buses.
“What caused the bus to lose control needs to be thoroughly probed. What we know is that the bus went on the wrong side of the road and overturned after hitting a rock. The possibility of the bus being overloaded with goods cannot be ruled out. We will question the driver who himself is in the hospital,” informed West Garo Hills police officials.
The transport department is in the firing line over its lack of inspection and monitoring of passenger buses which carry loads of commodities atop their roofs.
“Question is why are the passenger buses allowed to carry heavy loads of commercial goods. Why is the transport authority not monitoring the overloaded buses flying to and fro? Who is responsible for the disaster?” questioned P Marak who was also providing a helping hand at the scene of the Dollonggre accident.
Passenger buses, particularly those travelling to and fro Guwahati and Siliguri, are laden to the maximum with goods on its roof tops and transport department turns a blind eye to it even as it collects toll at Chasingre from all commercial vehicles.
In other states, particularly Mizoram, passenger buses are not permitted to carry commercial goods and a strict checking is maintained so that bus operators adhere to the rule book. In Meghalaya, the scene is the opposite.


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