Govt announces spl pension for slain cops’ families

Home Miniser Roshan Warjri speaks in the Assembly on Wednesday.  (ST)
Home Miniser Roshan Warjri speaks in the Assembly on Wednesday. (ST)

SHILLONG: Home Minister Roshan Warjri has said the government will “bring to justice” the militants involved in ambushing a police party killing four and injuring two in Tuesday’s attack in the South Garo Hills district. “Allout efforts are being made to bring the culprits of such inhuman and barbaric act to justice,” Warjri told the Assembly making a suo moto statement on the issue on Wednesday.
“Besides other benefits, we have also decided to provide special family-pension equivalent to the last salary drawn by the slain cops to the respective families,” the Home Minister said.
Meanwhile, the Opposition leader Donkupar Roy has asked the State Government to provide insurance coverage of not less than Rs 2 crore to the police personnel of the state.
Participating in the general discussion on the Governor’s address, Roy said, “We should not end up in mere condolences but we should think about the future of the families of police personnel.”
He also said that the ex-gratia amount of Rs 7.5 lakh for slain police personnel is too less and it should be increased to between Rs 25 to 30 lakh.
BOUNDARY DISPUTE: On the vexed pending Assam-Meghalaya boundary dispute, Roy said that the State Government should not give up its fight to get back the land from Assam that belongs to Meghalaya.
He also rued that unabated influx continues in the state while adding that village dorbars should also be involved in the plans of checking influx in the state.
He also asserted that though border fencing solves lot of problems but people at the border have already sacrificed a lot in the name of national interest and he demanded adequate compensation for those who have parted with their land.
NGT BAN: On the NGT ban on coal mining, he said that though there was a decline in the revenue collection due to NGT ban but still a lot of things can be done to plug the leakages and integrated check gates should be setup and manned by the department.
The Opposition leader also said that introducing 240 more buses in Shillong would be a total waste if the buses were not utilized for school children.
HEALTH SECTOR: The Opposition leader also questioned the State Government on several issues pertaining to Health sector.

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