Monday, March 4, 2024

Will the Court intervene?


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I am in complete agreement with Batkupar L Mawlong, Karen Wahlang, Anthony Lyngdoh, Phrangsngi Mawthoh and numerous others who have voiced their condemnation of pressure groups (particularly KSU), street-actor politicians and headmen. People have seen through their stunts and gimmicks which are aimed at grabbing power or stuffing their pockets through manipulation of public opinion. These people have terrorized and kept us in a constant state of fear by using violence to achieve their goals. Sometimes its hard to believe that Meghalaya is really a part of India because different rules seem to apply here. Lawlessness is taken for granted while terror is accepted as part and parcel of our daily lives. No one seems bothered that this abnormal situation has persisted for over 35 years in the state!
I must confess however that I am puzzled by the Meghalaya High Court’s silence on the breakdown of law and order and the justice system in our state. In other states of India, I have seen that courts are quick to  intervene whenever the law is stretched to breaking point by rogue elements or govt. But in Meghalaya, one rarely sees proactive action from the High Court in such matters. Why is this so? Doesn’t the Judiciary care about the injustices taking place in Meghalaya on several levels? Society is being held hostage by criminals in the guise of pressure groups. The law makes no serious attempt to contain these groups. The Govt lets them get away with murder, literally. Govt even goes so far as to strike deals with pressure groups to allow them to escape justice. The people of Meghalaya do not trust Govt, pressure groups or politicians to protect our rights and give us justice. Is this not serious enough for the Meghalaya High Court to take notice? From whom else can an ordinary citizen expect justice when both Govt and civil society have failed? I therefore humbly implore the High Court to assert its authority and steer us back on the right track with proactive interventions like in the case of the notorious headmen.
Yours etc.,
Andrew Syiemiong

Empowered Syiemship

While everyone is talking about the High Court ruling that “Rangbah Shnong” doesn’t have any legal power – it is interesting to note though that headmen (Myntri, Lyngdoh and Sirdar) of two Syiemships have full constitutional powers. I am referring to the syeimship of Nongstoin and Maharam. I don’t  know much about the Maharam Syiemship but in the case of Nongstoin Syiemship it exercises the powers conferred under Section 13 of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Nomination and Election of the Syiem, Deputy Syiem and Electors of Nongstoin Syiemship) Act. 2003. The “Nongstoin Syiemship Rules 2003” was then approved by KHADC. In sections 14 and 15 of the “Nongstoin Syiemship Rules 2003” it clearly defines the powers and functions of Durbar Shnong and its Head i.e. the Chairman.
I still wonder why only these two Syiemship have such powers and not others. Does this show that these Syiemship have a greater vision than the rest?
Yours etc.,
F Diengdoh,
Via email 

Long live our leaders

It is with great joy and pride that we learn that Daniel Khyriem and other pro – ILP group leaders will be acquitted of all their crimes. This speaks volume of the maturity and courage of our Govt  in respecting the people at large. These leaders are the saviours of the ‘ jaitbynriew’ and it is to them that our youths and children should look up to as role models, of simple living, honesty, courage, humility, wisdom, hard work , and purity. They work day and night for the good of every indigenous people forgetting themselves and their own families, without wanting power, money, fame or pleasure. They have no personal benefits from whatever they do. Their only concern is the benefit of the poor and the downtrodden ( of indigenous people), while most of us( businessmen, officers, teachers, doctors, engineers, including preachers, work for our own selfish motives. All their so -called crimes ( arson, killing, etc) are nothing but a holy war to shed the unclean blood for the good of their kith and kin. It’s not the path of Christianity that will save our Jaitbynriew but that shown by our leaders. In fact Christian leaders should question their roles in loving their ‘ Jaitbynriew’. All of them are just silent spectators of these events pretending they are already in their heaven, or trying to spread messages of love (including loving people outside your community). We salute our dear brave leaders and we entrust our future into their hands for they know and see the best. We pray to ‘ U Blei Nongbuh Nongthaw’ that they be rewarded not only in this life but in the coming one too, when all their ‘ holy crimes’ will be totally washed away. And we pray that soon our state and ‘Ri’ will be cleansed of all unwanted outsiders so that peace, love, justice, harmony, honesty, liberty will once again rule in our ‘Jaitbynriew Tipbriew Tipblei’ .
Yours etc.
Balajied Kharshandi,
Via email

From ILP to empowerment of TIs

A week of political drama, mud slinging and demonstrations have occupied prime space in most local and regional newspapers. But every issue taken up by pressure groups does not end reach a logical conclusion or solution. We have seen how the Inner Line Permit (ILP) issue which turned violent became an election mandate for regional parties in the past. Later it died down only to be revived this time in line with the High Court order questioning the authority of the Rangbah Shnong. After this something else will surely come up. It is unfortunate that these very pressure groups do not seem to bother about past scams and scandals that had taken place. They would have received much public support if they had taken them up with the same vigour as they do the ILP issue. The public needs to dissect their demands and ask them whether development is necessary or having a spate of bandhs is the need of the hour. This question should be put to the Govt too which is weak and vacillating.
Yours etc.,
Dominic S. Wankhar


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