High Court to our rescue!


I congratulate the Meghalaya High Court for taking this momentous step to ban the media from propagating bandhs, road blocks, etc. The local media has been guilty of ensuring the success of illegal bandh calls in Meghalaya for a very long time. Its time checks and balances are brought in to curb media hype, rumour-mongering and misreporting. Bandhs are against the national interest. The High Court’s order comes as a welcome relief to all citizens except militants, criminals and shady pressure groups like HNLC, GNLA, KSU, GSU, HYF, FKJGP, etc. I would go a step further by stating that bandh callers should be arrested immediately and given long prison sentences to be served in penitentiaries outside the State. Media groups found to be violating the High Court order should be penalized heavily and closed down in the greater national interest.
Yours etc.,
Erasmus Marak


Why involve students in agitation?

It annoys me to learn that the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC), which has been reported to hold a meeting on Friday, the 29th May, at Civil Hospital junction, has daringly asked all the educational institutions to shut down on the said day, proclaiming that all school and college students of the region to join hands with them, to voice their concern on the present issues of the Dorbar Shnongs and to protest against the apathy of the Government in passing the Village Administration Bill (VAB), so as to alleviate such societal problems for the well being of the people. Indeed, the power of the Dorbar Shnongs is mandatory as per the customary laws of our indigenous tribe, and I do support the organisation for coming up with the idea for such a public meeting, to protest against the Government regarding the VAB. But I’d like to ask them as to why do they want to engage students as participants in the meeting? What number of students really take interest on such matters? What proportion of students know or are aware of what the matter or the bill is really all about? Or should even the students of lower standard (viz. Nursery, K.G, etc), who are neither aware nor bothered of such matters be part in the meeting just to increase or enlarge the number of heads attending the meeting? This is seriously vexing and unacceptable! I as a student myself, strongly defy and condemn such a call for students. Students should not be involved in such political matters as scapegoats. I believe the HYC’s meeting can go well without involving the students also.

Yours etc;
Mewan Pariat,
Class 12, Student,
B.K Bajoria School, Shillong.


Role of Rangbah Shnong should be scripted


The role and activities of the Rangbah Shnong should be defined and scripted, and they should be under the strict vigilance of the higher authorities so that the general public will not be harassed by their self made protocols and laws. If the public feels that their grievances/problems are not dealt with properly by the RS then there should be a higher authority where the public can take their grievances and lodge a complaint, so that their problem will be addressed. Also the process should be fast and effective. A person should not have to spend almost 3-4 days visiting Rangbah Dong/Rangbah Shnong offices just for a sake of NOC for opening a bank account/passport even when the person has a valid document proof of being Indian.

Yours etc.,

V Lyngdoh,

Via email

A cruel act!


Only the foolish find pleasure in hurting others. This is what could be applied to the recent bomb blast by a certain group at Tura bazaar. It is a painful picture to see the poor man – a labourer who won’t be able to work again for his entire life. Do the perpetrators know that they owe him his legs, arms and eyes? Are they going to support his family who are now without the breadwinner? Animals show love better when they mingle with humans. But it is vice versa; human beings have become heartless, they are all up for taking one another’s life. Is not life precious when you have only one chance to live? And to live that life, everyone is struggling  to make ends meet and to support the family. Whoever the perpetrators are, they are cowards, insane and helpless creatures who are after other people’s hard-earned money. They are looters, not fighters, they are cowards and not brave-hearts! Let them know this. We don’t appreciate what they do. They call themselves matgriks (patriots fighting for a cause)by killing their own brothers and sisters? Whose cause are they taking up? We don’t need them! They are the ones who have started to ruin the once peaceful land of Garo Hills. The Govt should stop all peace talks and stop giving them whatever is not their right.


Yours etc.,

Name withheld on request


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