Nagaland Cong resolves not to apply Uniform Civil Code

Kohima: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) said that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) was not applicable and acceptable in Nagaland.
According to a press release issued by NPCC Working President, P Ayang Aonok, the Executive Committee of the NPCC has resolved that the UCC was not applicable and acceptable in Nagaland.
“This was resolved in a meeting on Friday to examine and deliberate on the questionnaires put forward by Justice B. S Chauhan, Chairman Law Commission of India to all concerned to engage with them on the comprehensive exercise of the revision and reform of the family laws, as Article 44 of the Indian Constitution provides that ‘the state shall endeavour to provide for its citizen a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India’.
The NPCC meeting resolved that Nagaland was “part of the Union of India with special provision under Article 371A of the Indian Constitution, which quotes that “notwithstanding anything in the Constitution,  No Act of Parliament in respect of (i) Religious or social practices of the Nagas; (ii) Naga customary law and procedure; (iii) administration of civil and criminal justice involving decision according to Naga customary law and procedures; and (iv) ownership and transfer of land and its resources shall apply to the State of Nagaland unless Legislative Assembly of Nagaland by a resolution so decides, the release said.  (UNI)

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