CEM accused of luring NGOs with money

Fund was meant for road repair, claims ex-Council chairman

SHILLONG: Former KHADC chairman Mansturdy Nongrem has alleged that the council CEM PN Syiem, misled NGOs during a meeting called by the ruling PDF on August 1 by promising them Rs 20 crore from the Rs 133-crore Special Assistance Scheme fund that was earmarked for KHADC.
Nongrem said the CEM had divested the Rs 20 crore but blamed the State government for not approving construction of the road from Nongstoin to Wahkaji.
The Rs 20 crore is meant for repairing the existing road for better connectivity in the area in an attempt to satisfy both anti-road and pro-road NGOs.
The repair work will start from Nongstoin (10 km) under Nongstoin division and the remaining 33 km is under Mawkyrwat and other divisions.
“I empathise with the NGOs as they were misled by the CEM. The allocated money is now diverted to enhance the MDC scheme. The CEM has cajoled the NGOs who were then prepared to start a riot,” said Nongrem, adding that Syiem should have called a meeting with the two warring groups if he wishes to withdraw the allocated money.
Nongrem stated that Syiem should have deposited the money with the PWD department to enable the department to implement the construction works.
“As an MDC of the area, I am not happy with the false assurances of the CEM to the people and the NGOs. As of now he is not doing anything,” he added.

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