Look gorgeous on Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is celebrated by Hindu married women who pray for the safety, health and longevity of their husbands. This is a special day for all married women. It signifies beauty, as all married women, regardless of age, like dressing up. Mehndi, sindur, glass bangles, bindi are all part and parcel of the festival. Every woman wants to look stunning from toe to head on this special day. Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain tells you how to get glowing skin and look gorgeous by simple beauty tips.

Make-up: Clean your face thoroughly before applying foundation and apply perfect foundation that suits your skin tone.
If you have a clear skin, leave out foundation. After cleansing, apply a sunscreen with a built-in moisturiser. For oily skin, apply astringent lotion. Then apply powder. Or, use powder compact. Avoid applying too much powder and pay more attention to the oily areas of the face. Press the powder all over the face and neck with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer.
If you wish to use foundation, apply a water-based one. Add one or two drops of water for a lighter coverage. The foundation should be as close to your skin colour as possible. Then apply powder as mentioned.
Highlight the cheeks with a blusher, blending well, so that it gives the face a natural glow.
For lipstick, avoid very dark colours, like dark maroon. Colours look even darker in fluorescent lights of offices. Go for pinks, copper or bronze. Orange and shades of orange are the new trend. Or you can use light pastel colours like mauve or pink. The colours should not be too bright.
A bindi is an integral part of make-up for karva chauth. Look for a decorative bindi, to match the colour of your bridal dress. A bindi, studded with small sparkling stones, combined with colour would be most attractive. Lastly, apply perfume.
Following a healthy lifestyle will help to reflect radiance and vitality during the festival. The right diet, exercise, adequate sleep and relaxation are absolutely essential to good looks. In fact, a healthy lifestyle helps to restore beauty and put a glow on the face. A few weeks before the festival, start exercising, like going for a walk. Of course, take your doctor’s advice first. Walking is good for both body and mind. Deep breathing exercises are also helpful in terms of calming the mind and making it more tranquil.

Eye make-up: Line your lids with eye pencil or kajal. Over this apply a line of brown or gray eye shadow for softer effect. Then apply mascara. This helps the eyes look brighter but prevents the “heavily made-up” look. Mascara should be applied in two light coats, rather than one heavy one. Apply one coat. Allow it to dry. Comb out the lashes with an eyelash comb or brush. Then apply the second coat and repeat the procedure.

Dress: New brides and young wives like to wear their bridal dress for Karva Chauth. It gives them the opportunity to look like a bride again. Today, apart from red, many other colours are popular, like magenta or pink, or out-of-the ordinary colours like sea green, turquoise blue, lavender, strawberry, fuchsia, rust, copper, purple and so on. Two colour combinations are also popular.
Lehenga-cholis are popular, or one can go for fashionable salwar-kurta, with richly embellished kurtas. As for saris, instead of the traditional way, it can be worn in a way that shows off the decorative choli and the heavy “aanchal” to advantage. In fact, a new trend is the stitched saris, which do not have to be draped, but can just be slipped on. The saris are stitched in innovative ways, with focus on low and decorative backs, halter necks or tie-ups.
Different materials too may be worn for Karva Chauth, as for weddings, like tissues, chiffons, crepes, georgettes, especially in shilling where the weather remains pleasant. Shimmering materials may be used to set off the attire like gold or silver tissue.
As for jewellery, diamond, white stone jewellery, or coloured stones, are in fashion. Dull or oxidised gold may also be worn. Stone setting, kundan, polki, semi and precious stones combined together, are all the rage. Different alloys are being used too and so are different kinds of finish, even with gold, like matte, oxidised, antique look and so on.
With traditional attire, the jewellery should also be traditional. However, if the look is more modern, one can wear one dramatic piece of jewellery.
Traditional wear is usually favoured during Karva Chauth because it is also associated with fasting and puja. However, as in other aspects of life, the influences of global trends, films and fashion are also felt in our traditional occasions like Karva Chauth.

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