Wuthering heart
Drowned heart, pale emotions merge to see
dance of the night.
Silence of night and breadth of pangs
reshaped the dilapidated heart
for sweeping new frets and
trepidation at ease.
Heart quenched to steal moonlight
at dead of night.
Shattered images drenched its hopes
in the ocean of emotion to cling
the hook of heart.
A gang of buccaneers wandered in
the street to explode for being tortured.
Screaming of the Vampires generated
ominous sound in the ethos
for ebb and flow.
The stick of the Sorcery gestured
the flying demigods in the sky.
The blind beggar stepped for
a pelf in the name of alm.
Insaned stars of the sky smeared the
moisture of longings over
the wounded heart.
Autumnal moonlight surrendered
its corpus at the hands of black
dark for a peaceful slumber.
The buzzing of the bees sang the
song of hobgoblin in stridulous form.
Parthajit Borah


 Man                                                  –                   Oh, Great One, My Lord, My dear God,
                                                                                Glory  and honour be to you.
Conscience                                       –                Blessings, more blessings to you
                                                                                If  your  prayers are genuine and true.
Man                                                 –                    Oh Merciful one, Oh Divine one,
                                                                                Who but you to deserve praise
Conscience                                       –                And to you, oh devoted one,
                                                                An ‘expansionist’ raise ?
Man                                                –     But shame to us for allowing
Your Holy place
                                                                                A cause for dispute.
Conscience                                      –                 Fear not, my child,
                                                                                Heaven is my rightful place
                                                                                Let us not feel disrepute.
Man                                               –                      Dear Conscience,
                                                                                How can we let them create
                                                                                A controversy
                                                                                Over our place of prayer
Conscience                                    –                   My teachings, you practice,
                                                                                More important to me
                                                                                Symbolism, I have no care.
Man                                             –                        But we have caused a revival
                                                                                For building
                                                                                Your home on earth.
Conscience                                    –                   Man, you must be kidding,
                                                                                For me to face double talk,
                                                                                The fling of dirt?
Man                                               –                      Please my Lord,
                                                                                 It’s what our voters,
                                                                                Oops, sorry.
                                                                                I mean…… your people’s desire .
Conscience                                    –                   I’m sorry my man,
                                                                                I’m scared of  litigation,
                                                                                Getting caught, in a crossfire.
Man                                             –                        We have raised a lot of money
                                                                                For a perfect
                                                                                Most beautiful home for you.
Conscience                                  –                     But I see a lot of
                                                                                Poverty and misery down there
                                                                         First, why not think of them too.
Man                                          –                           They say, “Man does not live
                                                                                By bread alone”
Conscience                                  –                     Without bread in his stomach
                                                                                If he steals to satiate his hunger,
                                                                                Can his sins be atoned?
Man                                          –          Dear Conscience,
                                                                                Please we beg you
                                                                                Let us build your home
                                                                                For your believers to pray
Conscience                               –                        Man, I know your game
                                                                                After prayers,
                                                                                Do I join in the political fray?
Man                                        –                             Your home on earth
                                                                                Will bring about
                                                               Tremendous change.
Conscience                                –                       I’m on to you, man,
                                                                                You’re using my name
                                                                                For your political gain.
Man                                          –                           Come on Conscience, don’t get me wrong
                                                                                Your home to build, is just
                                                                                An expression
                                                                                Of our love for you.
Conscience                              –                         Man, oh man, I created you,
                                                                                Don’t you know, no matter what,
                                                                                I’ll still love you too.
                                                                                But if you are all set
                                                                                To build my home,
                                                                                What about the many people
                                                                                Still living alone,
                                                                                Educated but jobless
                                                                                Hungry and poor
                                                                Their present, their future,
                                                                                Very unsure.
People (1)                                           –              I am hungry my lord, please can I get some food to eat.
People (2)                                           –              I am homeless my lord, please can I get some shelter.
People (3)                                           –              I am jobless my lord, please will someone give me employment.
Enter gunman                                   –              Hold it, I said hold it. I am unemployed too. Raise up your hands.
                                                                                Your money or your life.
People                                                  –              (they shout together). Help us, help us.
Gunman                                               –             No money, no life ( shoots and kills all the people)
Conscience  ( surveys the scene below )
                                                                I created man
                                                                                To live as equals
                                                                But man created man
                                                                                To live as  un-equals.
                                                                                So, if I come down to stay
                                                                                In the home you’ve built
                                                                For your other problems
                                                                                You fail to solve,
                                                                                Will I again be crucified?
                                                                Will I again be killed?
                                                                                A word of caution, therefore.
                                                                To you, you common men,
                                                                                If these so call holy men,
                                                                In all forms of their beliefs, think,
                                                                With God they can fool around,
                                                                Beware !
                                                                                With no second thoughts
                                                                Their treachery with you, you mortals,
                                                                Will know, no bounds.
                                                                                So man hear me speak
                                                                Words simple but true,
                                                                                You neither inherit belief
                                                                                Nor believe because others believe too,
                                                                                For belief
                                                                                Must be a personal experience,
                                                                                Do not indoctrinate the gullible
                                                                                To cultivate your conscience.
                                                                                Instead of building me more Churches, Temples,
                                                               Mosques, etc., etc., etc.,
                                                                                Use the money
                                                                                To serve the needy
                                                                                And I will bless you greatly
                                                                                For your acts
                                                                Of charity.
People                                           –    Yes my lord, with so much poverty and unemployment
                                                                around, we need more employment opportunities.
People                                       –         Yes my lord, with so many sick people around, we also
                                                                                need better health care service.
People                                       –         My lord the only concrete building in my village is the place of
                                                               Worship. Everything else including the school
                                                                                Is made of thatch and bamboo. We need more schools and
                                                                Better school buildings.
Conscience                                    –                   Godmen do you hear the cries of your people,
                                                                With all the misery I see in your planet
                                                                I command you
                                                                                Sway not their sentiment
                                                               To harm and destroy,
                                                               But more of personal counseling
                                                                                To encourage enterprise
                                                                More of service
                                                                And more,
                                                                Much more, of humility,
                                                                                These are…….. my man,
                                                                         And will always be, my dear man,
                                                                                My greatest joy.
                                                                                                                        Michael N. Syiem

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