Bradley Cooper was dropped from a film due to lack of sex appeal

Hollywood star Bradley Cooper has revealed he once lost out on a role because makers of the film did not find him sexy enough for the part.
The 43-year-old actor, who is one of Hollywood’s in-demand men courtesy his performance in movies such as American Sniper, American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, says he has always felt like an underdog in the movies. He has already created an Oscars buzz with his directorial debut A Star Is Born.
‘I’ve always been an underdog. I was always operating under the lens of not really being seen as the ‘main guy’. I’ve heard it all in my career.
Early on, I didn’t get a role because they said I wasn’t ‘f***able.’ In the end, you have to reserve your attention for the work and not listen to anyone.
‘People I care about, who care about me, told me not to direct A Star Is Born, said that it would be too difficult and I should start with something easier. Luckily, I didn’t listen. I loved that it was really, really hard to make this film.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t have the same value. (PTI)

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