HANM to start operation against influx from June 4

SHILLONGIrked at the unabated influx of illegal immigrants especially from the neighbouring country of Bangladesh, the Hynniewtrep A’chik National Movement (HANM) will start their operation against influx from June 4. The organisation has formed an anti-influx operation cell for the purpose.

Addressing the Press on Friday, president of Hynniewtrep A’chik National Movement (HANM), Lamphrang Kharbani said, “We will drive away those illegal immigrants who do not possess proper documents. There are, however, some non-tribals who possess proper documents, but the operation is against those who enter the state illegally.”

He said immigrants had taken over the trade depriving the indigenous people of earning their livelihood contributing to unemployment of many locals.

Arguing that the illegal migrants have captured most of the big commercial places in Shillong such as Khyndai Lad, Iewduh, Polo, Lad Rymbai in Jaintia Hills, he said the operation would start with inspection of documents.

The organisation will meet the concerned government officials with a request to conduct an inspection in the commercial hubs.

Despite calls to tackle influx, Kharbani admitted that the pressure groups, social organisations had not done enough to oppose the influx imbroglio and the state government was also to be blamed.

On the other hand, he said that the Dorbar shnong, the Hima should be alert and not give shelter to illegal migrants and asserted that the state has no strong laws to tackle illegal influx.

He also said that preference should be given to local people for jobs in companies set up here in the state.

Asked about tribal contractors who employ immigrants instead of locals, vice chairman of the anti-influx operation cell, John Sangma said the organisation will sit with the contractors to request them to employ locals in construction sites.

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