Flood waters claim two more lives in Garo Hills

TURA: Two more people lost their lives in Garo Hills which has been experiencing unprecedented flooding of the Kalaichar-Mahendraganj- Zikzak region after the rising water levels of the Brahmaputra and Jinjiram — which flow down from Phulbari-Rajabala region — breached its banks and entered the plain areas.
On Thursday morning, an elderly woman and an infant fell into the waters and drowned in the border town of Mahendraganj in South West Garo Hills.
Speaking to The Shillong Times, South West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner Ram Kumar S confirmed that two persons lost their lives after they fell into the flooded waters outside their homes in the localities of Fakirpara and Daspara of Mahendraganj town.
“An elderly woman lost her life in Fakirpara and an infant in Daspara due to drowning,” informed the deputy commissioner.
According to reports, even though the water level was only knee deep, the elderly victim was unable to walk when the mishap happened. A similar tragedy struck the infant who fell into the water unnoticed and drowned, it was reported.
This is the third case of drowning from the week long torrential downpour.
Earlier, a child was swept away by river currents in the remote Siju-Rongara region of South Garo Hills.
Floods struck the South West Garo Hills on Tuesday inundating as many as 40 villages with a population of 25,142 in the Mahendraganj-Zikzak region.
Though the rains have stopped, the flood waters have so far failed to recede.
“We have increased the relief camps from 26 to 30 and around 15,000 people are taking shelter in them. Food and water are being provided as part of Gratuitous Relief for five days,” said the deputy commissioner.
The most flood affected areas of Mahendraganj are Nandichar, Chapahati, Lokaichar, Gopalbari, Malidaspara, Bashya Raipara, Daspara, Tosildarpara, Dhulipara, Mahendraganj bazaar, Patelipara, Beparipara, Kalaichar, Modakpara, Chandapara, Kukurmua, Silkona, Bagicha, Tungrurchar, Kamarpara and Ghugrakandi.
Meanwhile, flood waters are reportedly receding at a slow pace in the severely affected Phulbari-Rajabala region, according to reports on Thursday.
After a week of torrential downpour there has been a dry spell for the past three days boosting the hopes of the affected people about a possible receding of the Brahmaputra and Jinjiram waters.

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