AHAM urges GHADC to coordinate with Govt to pay employees salaries

Claims EC members living lavish lifestyles while employees suffer

TURA: The A’chik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM), Khasi Hills Zone has urged the authorities of the GHADC to coordinate with the State Government to enable the payment of the salaries of its employees which have been pending for nearly two years now.

“The state government being the overriding authority over the District Council must devote sufficient and regular funding to cover the expenditure of the Council and help pay the salaries of the suffering employees. If there is disagreement between the State and the Council with regard to fund allotment or revenue shares, it is the duty of the duo to bring it to the negotiating table and sort out the issue. The employees and their families must not starve due to their differences,” the AHAM said in a statement.

The AHAM said that while the employees have been suffering without pay for nearly two years, the executive members are living luxurious lives and purchasing expensive vehicles like Fortuner, a Thar Jeep and a Mercedes.

“We strongly condemn this and term it a violation of the human rights. It is nothing less than slow killing of the employees,” it said.

Questioning the capacity of the executive members to function in their post given that the issue of pending salary has dragged on for almost two years, the movement said that there should be accountability and the Council authorities should act responsibly less it would be compelled to take democratic and legal actions in the interests of the employees.

Stating that the non-payment of the employees’ salaries is an utter violation of the labour laws, the movement urged the Labour Commission to take action against the violators of the law. Claiming that the current situation in the Council clearly shows that ‘no steps are being taken for improving quality administration and the purpose of having the GHADC is not being met’ the movement raised concern over the existence of the Council in the future.

The movement also urged the authorities of the GHADC to halt all non-productive financial engagements or expenditures and to ensure that council funds are not misused, misapplied and misappropriated.

With regard to the indefinite strike announced by the employees’ association, the AHAM said that if there is still no response from the concerned authority the High Court must file a suo moto case as it violates various laws under the Indian constitution.

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