Meghalaya taxi owners want restriction on outside tourists cabs


SHILLONG: All Meghalaya Commercial Vehicle Owners’ and Drivers’ Union has asked the State Government to come out with a policy to regulate the entry of outside tourist taxis into Shillong city.

Taking a cue from Sikkim, the all Meghalaya Commercial Vehicle Owners’ and Drivers’ Union has demanded the state Government to come with a policy to regulate the inflow of commercial vehicles in the state.

Citing economic degradation of the local taxis and rise in traffic jam as the main reason for their demand, MCVODU, president, Egenstar Kukalang said that the state is witnessing heavy flow of tourist and commercials vehicle from outside the state and instead of the locals, the benefits are being reaped by those coming from outside.

He suggested that the state government could very well come up with a policy like Sikkim and allot a place for commercial vehicles coming from outside to park from where the local taxis and the tourist vehicles can ferry the passengers to their destination and other tourist destinations.

The organisation is all set to call for a public meeting in the first week of February and there on press forward for their demand, adding that around 3000 vehicles from West Bengal and mostly from Assam comes to Shillong every day.

He also said that the matter would be soon taken up with the State Government, adding that their union which is newly floated will pursue the matter with the State Government.

Meanwhile, the Union has also lamented that the growing traffic congestion in the Umling toll plaza following the implementation of Fastag system.

He also alleged that the toll on the particular highway has been increased by the authorities without any notification to the users.

“Earlier, they were charging Rs 90 and now they have increased it to Rs 110 without any notice to the people,” he said.