Saturday, December 2, 2023

Spl session to dislodge NPP in GHADC fails


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Boston Marak withdraws No-Confidence Motion

TURA: A special session of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council that was called on Monday to hold the No-Confidence Motion against the Dipul Marak-led NPP Executive Committee ended without the motion being taken up as its mover, Boston Marak, had already withdrawn the same shortly after he shifted allegiance from the opposition Congress to the ruling side, two weeks ago.

The special session was called after the Congress moved the Supreme Court which vacated its earlier stay given to the GHADC and directed the holding of the special house session.

“As per the order given by the Supreme Court and High Court I had summoned the special session for the No-Confidence motion today,” informed GHADC Chairman Denang T Sangma.

However, the opposition Congress was in for a rude shock when the chairman announced the withdrawal of the no-confidence by none other than the petitioner himself.

“Boston Marak had moved the No-Confidence motion in December, last year. But, he withdrew the same after filing an affidavit which was submitted to me on January 9th. As per Rule 68 of the District Council if the petitioner withdraws his motion then it is no longer valid and cannot be taken up. So I announced it to the members in the house and adjourned the session sine die,” informed the chairman.

Boston had reportedly filed the affidavit and withdrawn the no-confidence motion after he defected to the NPP alliance at the beginning of this year.

The withdrawal of the no-confidence motion has robbed the opposition Congress alliance of a crucial win as the numbers had clearly been in their favour on the eve of the special session.

Three MDCs who defected in the beginning of this year to the NPP alliance, Boston Ch Marak, Wenison Ch Marak and Levastone T Sangma, had done a surprise turnabout and returned to the Congress fold raising their tally to 15 in a house of 30 members.

In the event of a no-confidence motion the Dipul Marak executive committee would have been reduced to a minority as their current strength was hovering with only 14 members, not including the Chairman who also belongs to the NPP. The GHADC Chairman can exercise his voting right only if there is a tie.

Interestingly, the NPP alliance appeared undeterred over the numbers game. Its ace card was to be the resignation of the chairman from his post which would then allow him to vote as a common member and thereby raise its strength to 15 MDCs.

In the event of the chairman resigning from his post, the job of holding the no-confidence motion would rest with the deputy chairman who in this case happens to be Mettrinson G Momin of the Congress. This would push the opposition Congress into a minority with one less vote against the ruling NPP alliance.

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