Angry locals take to streets

Protest against alleged assault on Bakur woman

SHILLONG: Condemning the alleged assault and tonsuring of a woman by the headmen and general secretary of Bakur village in West Jaintia Hills, the locals, on Wednesday, gathered in a large number with placards expressing opposition to the misuse of authority by some of the dorbar officials.
In this regard, they said that the two women involved in the incident were under judicial custody, while headman Daniel Khongsit and general secretary Donstan Khonglah have “absconded” for the second time after the High Court, on Tuesday, rejected their anticipatory bail.
“We will not tolerate opportunists, who, using the name and authority granted to them by virtue of the village, abuse their power and carry out such mistreatment against women and in doing so defame the village’s name”, the residents, comprising women group members, former headman, youths, among others, said in a statement.
They condemned Khongsit for misusing his authority as the president of Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong War Jaintia.
The residents also slammed and condemned the Dolloi of the Elaka for his alleged silence and inaction despite a petition being filed seeking suspension of the two accused.
Earlier, the victim, Kashmir Dkhar, in a complaint, informed that two women and the Bakur secretary had accosted her and started assaulting her.
Thereafter, they took her to Khasi Pnar school and again assaulted her and cut her hair with a scissor.
In another complaint, the victim said that the headman Khongsit had ordered to torture her by cutting her hair and beat her.
“Bakur is no longer peaceful and safe, and the public have lost their confidence and faith on the village authority,” the statement said.

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