Tura citizens suffer as SBI ATMs  fail to provide service

TURA: In what is fast becoming a frequent eyesore for the citizens of Tura, almost all ATMs belonging to the State Bank of India, were either out of cash or shutdown across the town on Friday giving a harrowing time to the people.
Right from Ringrey market to Araimile bazaar, the story was the same across the ATMs which failed to get refilled with cash or were defective.
Long queues were formed at Chandmari ATM and the lone operating machine next to Tura civil hospital well into the night as people desperately waited to withdraw money.
“This has been happening at the start of every month when the disbursement of salaries takes place. Inspite of witnessing this regular trend, the bank has not taken any remedial steps to solve the problem,” complained several people who had to stay in line outside the ATMs waiting their turn to draw cash.
There are over 13 ATM points across Tura town.
While one of the ATMs outside the main branch of the SBI near DC park had its shutters down, the other did not operate despite being kept open.
Even at Dakopgre, the SBI ATM outside the CRPF camp has been under lock and key like several others across town.
While complaints have long been lodged about this problem, many a time, the bank blames the private security companies tasked with refilling the cash trays of the ATMs.
However, the banks get alerts each time the cash reserves deplete in the machine.

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