A boy who travelled to King Solomon’s kingdom

There was a boy named Watson who lived in England. He used to live with his mother and father. One night when he was about to sleep, he heard a strange sound on the terrace.
He went to look upstairs and to his surprise he saw a strange little creature. He was shocked. He thought, “Let me take this creature to my room.”
But as he was coming down from the terrace he slipped and fell unconscious. When he woke up, he saw that he was in a fantasy place. There were fairies, giants, gnomes and many more. Then as he turned towards the north he saw an extreme huge castle in front of him. There were many people waiting for someone special.
Suddenly someone spotted Watson and shouted, “Hey everyone! There is Watson behind those bushes.”
Everyone ran to see Watson.
Watson hid behind the bushes but it was too late; everyone had already reached there. They picked him up, took him inside the castle and brought him to the King. The King’s name was Solomon. He was a very good king. Watson was horrified. He thought that the king would punish him. But to his surprise, the King said, “Hello Watson, I am King Solomon. Welcome to the world of dreams.”
The king further said, “You have to save the kingdom from the heartless giants.”
Watson said, “Ok, I will save the kingdom but how?”
The king said, “We have made a very strong armour for you… and a shield… and a sword as well. You must go by tomorrow to fight the giants in the Kingdom Of Giants. There will also be an army with you. So eat now and go to bed.”
Next morning, he was ready to go. He packed his bag and went on his journey.
Watson set out for the war with his army and the weapons which were given to him. It took Watson 100 days to reach the kingdom of giants. As they reached there, they saw a huge battlefield. They saw the giants and the gnomes on one side. As they reached the battlefield, the war had already started. There were attacks, counter-attacks and causalities on both sides. Watson and his army fought ferociously and at the end the giants were defeated. After the war, Watson and his army returned to the Kingdom Of Dreams. They said in a proud voice, “We have won the war”, to the king. That night there were feasting and dancing.
After the party, Watson mistakenly slipped in the water and dived into the ocean. When he woke up from his dreams, he saw that he was lying in the bed. His mother told him that he had been senseless on the terrace the whole night. Watson said everything about the dream to his Mother.
His mother said that it’s the best dream you ever had.

(Contributed by Aadrito Chakravorty, Class V, Sachdeva Global School, New Delhi)

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