Covid, covid, covid,
The day you walked into our lives,
We knew, we were in for a big surprise!
You fooled us all with your invisibility,
And made us suffer, tremendously.

Covid, covid, covid,
You are insanely toxic,
You made everyone sick
And swept the earth, with your black magic!
Of course, we did not know,
That we were fighting a ‘silent foe’.

Covid, covid, covid,
You took away precious, innocent lives,
Young or old, rich or poor,
You had shut down all doors.
What have we done to deserve your wrath?
Because of you, the whole world is sad!

Covid, covid, covid,
Because of you, the roads are empty,
And people cannot move freely.
Because of you, everyone is wearing a mask,
Which is not an easy task.
Because of you, we cannot have fun,
Or shake hands with our beloved ones.
Because of you, we have to maintain social distancing,
For if we do not, we will all sink!

Covid, covid, covid,
When are you going to leave us?
Because we are all, at a huge loss.
What shall we do to make you disappear?
For we do not want to live in fear.

Covid, covid, covid,
You may think that you are mighty and forceful,
But don’t forget that we are also powerful.
We will always keep on fighting and striving,
Till we win the battle.

Covid, covid, covid,
We will never let you stay for long,
Here, in Shillong.
We will drive you away from our memories,
Our city and country,
And forever, we will be, Covid free!

Martina Lyttan


Life is like a chessboard, everyone playing games,
And if you fail to play so
You lose your name and fame.

Life is sometimes like a blessing,
Where everything is good.
Where nothing is ever missing,
It works according to the mood!

Life is sometimes like a curse
Where everything is going wrong.
But we must be calm and relax,
As problems do not stay for long

Everything is in our hands, it depends on how we hold.
It can be changed anytime,
Whenever we wish to mould.

Roshni Sachdeva

Blissful clouds

Cloudy days and cloudy nights,
Overwhelm and cover the lights,
You always soar above the heights,
Ever enjoying the glides; it’s a largely overcast day
Didn’t see the glimpse of sunrays,
Though the darkness cover my ways,
“Keep on going”, my Hope says.
Darkness decends on the night,
Moon and stars giving the lights,
Disappears out of my sight,
You never wait like the tide.
Both the cloudy nights and days,
Come to show your blissful ways,
Eagerly longs for your face,
Help us to cope with your pace.
Though it looks very gloomy,
Glimpses of sunlight pierce slowly,
Reflecting hopes for many, cast away my fears fully.
I stare to see your beauty, while floating in the sky,
Learn life’s purpose and duty, To sense and fulfil it.

TR Marak

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