Truckers decry ‘illegal’ collection at toll gates

NONGSTOIN: The members of Meghalaya Commercial Truck Owners and Driver Association (MCTO&DA), on Tuesday, conferred about the problems faced by traders and drivers from West Khasi Hills, particularly the alleged illegal tax collection at various KHADC toll gates in Khasi Hills.
President of the Association Central Body, Mosklandar Marngar, said drivers from West Khasi Hills are facing hurdles while transporting commercial goods to other districts due to the presence of toll gates.
Marngar informed that from West Khasi Hills to Ri Bhoi, there are around 15 to 20 district council toll gates and the drivers are required to pay a huge amount at every toll gate.
The Association had earlier met the KHADC CEM, seeking clarification on the existence of such many numbers of Council toll gates and sought the listed items and price to be charged at the gates, he said, adding that the CEM has not provided the information. “The KHADC has now become the house of money collection,” he said, while adding that if any problem arises in the near future, the Council has to take full responsibility.
Meanwhile, president of the MCTO&DA, WKH, Arphul Kharbani, said that when local traders transport goods and materials to other districts in the state, the Council calls it illegal but when same materials are transported to other states using Assam challans, they become legal. This proves the Council has no policy with regard to the transportation of goods and collection of revenue, he added.

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