Noh Ka Likai reopens for visitors

SHILLONG, Nov 20: Noh Ka Likai has become another tourist spot in the state to welcome ‘masked’ visitors with open arms after months-long pause.
Many locals from Shillong were also seen driving to the famous tourist attraction.
Speaking to a section of the press, the member of Tourism Committee of Dorbar Khlieh Shnong, Sohra, Biangbor Nongkynrih, said that due COVID-19 SOPs have been maintained and shopkeepers were also told to adhere to protocols including cleanliness.
An elated Nongkynrih has also sought cooperation from the tourists to maintain cleanliness.
“We also need cooperation from the tourists. There should not indiscriminately throw plastic and other garbage. They should not leave it here but carry it along with them,” he said.
He added that only a handful of local tourists have visited the waterfalls since it reopened. The frequency is around 10 vehicles per day, he added.
The headman of Khliehshnong Sohra, Shembhalang Kharwanlang, on the other hand, said different ways and means will be explored to further beautify the Noh Ka Likai, which was closed for nearly eight long months.
A shopkeeper at Noh Ka Likai, Donbok Synrem, said she will not be able to send her children for tuitions anymore due to financial constraints brought about by the recent lockdown.
“We did face many problems but we have our job card; it is better than just staying at home. So, we preferred to work,” Donbok Synrem, a shopkeeper said.
She added that Rs 500 was provided by the state government while her sister received Rs 700, albeit only once. At the same time, she also expressed happiness over rice and pulses being provided by the government.
“I earn my livelihood from here. We earn Rs 500-1000 per day if the market is good,” she said.
Another shopkeeper, Baiakmenlang Synrem, said she completed her studies till Class XII and did not pursue further education due to financial issues. She had also worked at people’s homes as a domestic helper to put food on her family’s table. Before the lockdown was announced, she used to work as service staff in Orange Roots.
Asked, she said that she preferred Sohra to earn a living. Apart from looking after her shop, she also cooks different dishes with the help of YouTube.

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