Urnar Falls with beautiful lakes emerges as the new tourist destination in SWKH

By Kynsai L Sangriang

Mawkyrwat, Dec 1: The scenic beauty of the beautiful green hills, the presence of the attractive rivers right from the Umngi to the Rilang and the Kynshi rivers and the discovery of the untapped waterfalls along with the presence of caves, monoliths, hot springs and excellent weather has made South West Khasi Hills a unique district. Surely this is the land blessed by the Gods.
After declaring the beauty of the 100-meter-long Od-Ringai Falls with a beautiful pool at its peak in Mawten village The Shillong Times recently visited Mawrap village, 13 kms from Mawkyrwat, the district headquarter of South West Khasi Hills District. It takes one hour to reach this place because of the bad road condition which is still under construction through the PMGSY scheme.
Here in the small village of Mawrap with about 50 families lies another beautiful waterfall called ‘Kshaid Urnar’ (Urnar Falls) which is about 40-50 meters along with beautiful lakes both at the top and the bottom of the falls. This waterfall is located in the outskirts of Mawrap village which includes a trek of about 15-20 minutes through the forest.
The Urnar Falls is located in a perfect place where it can be seen fully from the view point at Mawrap village. For those who visit Mawrap only at the view point, the Urnar Falls just like other waterfalls is more beautiful during summer when the water level is high, but for those who go down the untrodden paths to reach the bottom of the falls, can experience the beauty and uniqueness of this waterfall.
Before reaching Mawrap village, is a view point from where one can behold the green hills and villages down Mawrap village and also the plains of Bangladesh.
Anyone who reaches this point during sunset when the weather is clear, will not want to go back as they can clearly see the plains of Bangladesh and the villages down below.
Surely, Mawrap will also become one an aspirational tourist spot in the District and the state as a whole. This place is bound to attract tourists, both foreign and domestic.
The Urnar Falls is familiar to the people of Mawrap and other adjoining areas, but those living beyond the village are hardly aware of this beautiful waterfall.
The Mawrap Tourism Cooperative Society which has been approved by the people of Mawrap village had tried its level best to promote tourism in the area by building view points using wood as the base and also clearing the grass in the area of the view point to make the visitors more comfortable.
Speaking to The Shillong Times, working president of the Mawrap Tourism Cooperative Society, Study Syiemlieh informed that the main objective of the Society is to promote tourism in Mawrap.
“The goals of the Society is to improve the Urnar Falls viewpoint, constructing footpath from Mawrap to the bottom of the falls with stones, constructing a lake similar to the Wards Lake near the Viewpoint, creating home stays and guest houses and constructing a playing field and places where tourists can rest and also parking lots,” Syiemlieh said.
Syiemlieh also said that the Society has also set a target of turning the lake at the bottom of the Urnar Falls downstream into a Fish Sanctuary and also to turn one of the pools downstream into a ‘natural swimming pool’.
Syiemlieh said that if the Society can fulfill its vision, Mawrap will become a premier tourist destination in the district and perhaps the state as a whole.

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