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Is non-surgical cosmetology really needed in today’s times?


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Non-surgical cosmetic treatments which are the minimally invasive procedure aim to improve a person’s appearance, self-esteem and self-confidence. Every individual wishes to look good and have an improved version of themselves, to make the skin look flawless, having the perfect lips, getting rid of the facial fats and acne free skin.
Cosmetologist Dr. Monica Jacob says: “These treatments support an individual in enhancing self-confidence as it is truly said, ‘confidence is the best outfit’. In a way it also leads to psychological benefits for an individual.”
She adds: “We have noticed that many people who opt for non-surgical treatments like facial contouring, signature clean-ups, dermal vitamin infusion and radio frequency. Some people who are unsatisfied with their looks frequently struggle with anxiety and depression. Indulging in these treatments helps you align your natural appearance with your desired appearance boosting your self-esteem. You are more inclined to socialise due to your improved state of mind regarding how you feel towards yourself.”
Dr Jacob is an anti-aging specialist and Aesthetic physician and was seen in the show “Fabulous Life of Bollywood” wives performing anti-ageing treatment on the actress Neelam. Talking about actresses opting about taking these services, Dr Jacob says actors are more prone to camera lights, the day-night shoot schedules etc and for them it becomes vital to opt for these services. Additionally, they are under heavy make-up most of the time which leads to causing skin hair damage. Hence, for them it becomes crucial, she says.
It is observed that not just the glamour world but today’s office goers and the common public also pamper themselves with these services, right from teenage group to the senior citizens, she points out.
“However, one needs to guide them with the right products and right treatment with an affordable package which will be suitable to every member.” (IANS)


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