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In-situ construction works


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In the latest government notification, I’m glad that In-situ construction works are allowed. This is a definite relief for those labourers who stand the risk of losing work. Now since construction work is allowed, the next concern is the maintenance of supply chains. Just by allowing construction is not enough; shops dealing with the supply of these raw materials and their transportation are part of the supply chain. Shops dealing with construction material can be opened in a regulated manner to maintain this supply chain.

In the last few days, many vehicles carrying these construction materials have been fined during their journey on the plea that they have violated rules. In fact, these vehicles, unlike passenger vehicles which stand the risk of disease transmission, generally have a maximum of two persons on board. Hence I find no reason to restrict the movement of vehicles transporting goods. Besides, the exemptions permitted will have no value if the supply and transport chain is cut off.

Through this esteemed newspaper I wish to highlight these two concerns to the District Administration and all those shop and vehicle owners involved in helping the Government in provide economic relief to the daily wage earners involved in the construction sector.

Yours etc.,

Sonie Kharuit


Books are essential


As a student, pursuing an academic career in these COVID times has become a herculean task due to non-availability of printed books and materials, as the book shops across the city have been shut down due to the lockdown. Like me the entire student fraternity is facing this difficulty and it seems there’s no respite for us anytime soon as it is unsure when the book shops will open and we will be able to get our required books and other study materials. Further, we will have to submit our assignments on time through the on-line mode, else we will be delayed and subsequently penalised.

As a student, I understand that the steps the Government has undertaken in order to curb the COVID spread in the city and the state is commendable, however, the availability of books and other printed material is equally important for us, students, to pursue our studies. The material that we need is not always available on the internet and therefore reference to printed books is imperative

I also refer to the published articles on the topic of “Books” by Mr. Gewali and Professor Omarlin Kyndiah and would sincerely request the Government to take cognisance of the academic needs of students of Meghalaya.

Yours etc.,

Samuel Marak


UDP a party of Khasi, Jaintia, Garo people


The letter by Christina Marak alleging that UDP is a Khasi-centric party is completely misleading and based on assumptions. The UDP was once led by our own Garo leaders namely Capt. Williamson A Sangma, (L) Mody K. Marak, Dr Milton Sangma and many others since the start of the APHLC, later turned HPU and then the UDP. Earlier we also had Mr BG Momin as the General Secretary of the UDP. History is testimony to all this if only Marak has taken the trouble to find out the facts.

Earlier when (L) PA Sangma was in the Congress, whenever there was an election in Meghalaya, be it Lok Sabha, Assembly or the District Council, the fight would be between the Congress and the regional party – UDP ( erstwhile HPU ). Way back in 1988 this same regional party then called HPU had won 15 out of 24 seats in Garo Hills in the Assembly elections. After the expulsion of PA Sangma from Congress, it is he who tagged UDP as Khasi party, primarily to weaken one of the two (i.e. Congress and UDP). Since the UDP fights elections on genuine issues of the State and its people and not with money power, sadly money power has got the better of Garo Hills. Hence the party is finding it difficult to resurge in this part of the state.

UDP stands for United Democratic Party and is inclusive of Garos, Khasis and Jaintias. It is a Party which did not field any non-tribal candidate during just concluded GHADC election in deference to the sentiments of the Garo people. For the information of Ms Marak this Party continues to have Garo Leaders in its CEC and Garo ex-MLAs as Co-Chairman in the present Government. At least now we are getting a positive response from the people of Garo Hills and one of these days we believe that people will accept and support our regional party. Let us therefore bridge the gap and live unitedly in peace and harmony.

Yours etc.

Anand M. Marak

Via email

Penalty for wearing unclean masks


I am quite apprehensive about the fact that many people are wearing unclean masks. Not only the illiterate but also the literate people are least bothered about this unhealthy habit. Some wear masks which have not been washed ever since they have been purchased. I think this is the most serious concern when COVID cases are increasing so rapidly. Moreover, how can we guarantee that the wearing of the unclean masks is not one of the reasons for what are going through right now? I firmly believe that unclean/unwashed masks are more dangerous than wearing no mask.  Can we not ascertain this fact with the help of a microscope? I think our complacency is proving suicidal.

Hence, with all urgency, I would request the government to take serious note of this unhealthy practice. The police force should now aggressively check and penalize those defaulters wearing unclean masks. Unlike in the west, lack of cleanliness is one of the inherent traits of most of the people in our country. We can fight back the COVID virus only with the weapon of healthy habits and alertness.

Yours etc.,

Salil Gewali,


What a team! True Samaritans


I want to thank and let people of Shillong know about the Organisation MakeSomeoneSMILE which is serving relentlessly during this stressful period.

On Sunday last we needed an oximeter and some medicines to be bought and dropped home. It was around 8 PM when my parents needed help. At that point, no one, not even our closest relatives and acquaintances offered to assist. I live in Nagpur and had no option left, so I called on the number provided by Team MakeSomeoneSmile. Mr Anky, who I think is the lead, not only agreed to help but within an hour ensured that all the mentioned items were dropped at my parents’ place in Madanryting. Such a generous act at a much-needed time is commendable and an example of humanity at its best and deserves special mention. I wish Anky and his team all the very best !

Yours etc.,

R K Mawtoh,

Sitaburdi, Nagpur


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