Residents not leaving homes near Mizoram border out of fear: Cachar SP



GUWAHATI, July 22: As the situation along the Assam-Mizoram border remains tense but ‘under control’, Cachar Police have clarified that no such instances of civilians leaving their homes in fear of their lives have occurred.

“Our police forces are camping there at the border and we are continuously monitoring the situation. But no such instances of civilians leaving their homes in fear of their lives in Khulicherra and Dholakhal have occurred. We have verified the matter,” Cachar superintendent of police Vaibhab Chandrakant Nimbalkar, said on Wednesday.

The SP informed that the area of Khulicherra falls under the jurisdiction of Dholai police station and the men in uniform including senior police officers are camping at Khulicherra.

“Both the Assam Police and Mizoram Police are now camping there face to face. As a result, some people have left the place, but it is not due to any threat of life from the Mizo forces. There is a tense atmosphere, but the situation is under control. Our forces are doing their best to provide safety and security to the civilians residing in that area,” he said.

Refuting reports in a section of the media that the people were leaving their villages with their belongings in fear of their lives, the SP said, “Nothing of that sort has happened at least in the border manned by Cachar Police. Some of the residents may have left the place, but that is completely a personal decision of the inhabitants and not out of any threat posed by Mizoram forces.”

Meanwhile, after visiting the inter-state border on Wednesday, Cachar deputy commissioner Keerthi Jalli said, “We are strongly defending our post and rebutting any efforts on their behalf to encroach upon more land of Assam. Discussions are on at a higher level and I am sure that a mutually agreed upon solution will be achieved soon.”

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