3 year child dies of covid in Garo Hills, unvaccinated youth falling prey to virus

TURA, July 23: Authorities in Garo Hills  are racing against time to contain the fast spreading infection from covid-19 as casualties begin to rise among the younger generation.

On Friday morning, a young girl child of just 3 years 8 months, hailing from Dabrang in Baghmara, South Garo Hills died from pneumonia caused by covid-19, a day after testing positive for the virus during admission to the maternity and child hospital in Tura.

The parents of the deceased child were reportedly yet to complete their two dose covid vaccination.

On Thursday, two young adults among three victims, in the age group of 23 and 35 years, died after contracting covid pneumonia. While one of the victims was from the outskirts of Tura, the other hailed from South West Garo Hills district.

A day earlier, another 23 year old victim, a girl hailing from Dobasipara area of Tura also lost her life to Covid-19.

The rising number of young deaths from the pandemic is worrying authorities in the region, more so in the light of some refusing to get vaccinated despite the dangers of becoming vulnerable to the disease by remaining unvaccinated.

“Both the victims aged 23 and 35 year old that lost their lives to the disease on Thursday had not been vaccinated,” reminded West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner Ram Singh when contacted for his views on the sudden spurt in cases.

It is worth mentioning that till date the covid data and statistics has revealed that almost all those victims who died from the disease had not taken the vaccination.

“This is why we are pushing for covid vaccination for everyone so that they have the required protection against serious complications,” says DC Ram Singh.

On Friday another huge number of new infections, 81 in total, was recorded from various corners of West Garo Hills district.

The largest number of infections was, once again, detected in Tura and the positivity rate of the disease in the district is almost touching 5% (4.87%).

*Total Active Cases – 950 (23/07/2021)*

*Note: Today 81 new positive cases detected*

  • 17 from TCH {12 RT-PCR (3 Contacts, 7 Symptomatic, 2 Asymptomatic) 5 Antigen (Symptomatic)}
  • 2 from DMCH (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 2 from Allagre CHC (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 1 from Rimrang Bajigre, Allagre CHC (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 2 from Adventist Mission Hospital (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 3 from Chandmary Testing Centre (Antigen, 2 Symptomatic, 1 Asymptomatic)
  • 1 from Tikrikilla PHC (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 1 from Tikrikilla Active Surveillance (Antigen, Asymptomatic)
  • 4 from Holy Cross Hospital (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 3 from Asanang PHC (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 2 from Dadenggre CHC (RT-PCR, Contacts)
  • 4 from Bonepa Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contacts)
  • 2 from Wadanang Active Surveillance (RT-PCR, 1 Symptomatic, 1 Asymptomatic)
  • 1 from Wadanang Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contact)
  • 2 from Upper Chandmary Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contacts)
  • 1 from K A Road Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contact)
  • 2 from Lower Wadanang Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contacts)
  • 1 from Walbakgre Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contact)
  • 2 from Sunny Hills Contact Tracing (RT-PCR, Contacts)
  • 1 from Education Department Active Surveillance (RT-PCR, Asymptomatic)
  • 3 from Dobasipara Containment Zone (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 2 from Matchakolgre Containment Zone (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 1 from Dakopgre Containment Zone (Antigen, Asymptomatic)
  • 3 from Araimile Containment Zone (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 3 from Modynagar Containment Zone (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 3 from Bangsidua, Phulbari Contact Tracing (Antigen, Contacts)
  • 1 from Heal Venture Clinic (Antigen, Symptomatic)
  • 1 from Dapgre, Dalu Contact Tracing (Antigen, Contact)
  • 8 from Wadanang Contact Tracing (Antigen, 1 Symptomatic, 7 Asymptomatic)
  • 1 migrated to East Garo Hills (Antigen, Asymptomatic from Adventist Mission Hospital, Jengjal)
  • 1 migrated to SWGH (Antigen, Symptomatic from Tura Christian Hospital)

*Note: 1 Death at DMCH from SGH*

*Places where they are isolated (Active cases, excluding the recovered):*

  •       TCH:  30
  •       DMCH: 1
  •       CCC SMELC:  41
  •       Chenik Resort: 2
  •       CRPF Isolation Ward: 2
  •       Home Isolation:  874

*Recovered Total 4442:*

*Note: 151 Recovered today*

  •        2 from TCH
  •        8 from CCC SMELC
  •        141 from Home Isolation

*Details of the Recovered Cases:*

  •        2855 Symptomatic
  •        1390 Asymptomatic
  •        197 Co-morbid

*STATUS OF COVID-19 2021:*

Active Cases: *950*

Total Recovered: *4442*

Total Deaths: *34*

Total Cases:  *5426 (Active + Recovered + Death)*

*Note: Positivity Rate is including RAT, RT-PCR & TrueNat test*

Total Positive: *81*

Total Tested: *1661*

*Total Positivity Rate: *4.87 %*

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