CM cuts Opp to size!

SHILLONG, Sep 17: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma repudiated the opposition charges against his government in the Assembly on Friday by highlighting the previous Congress led Government’s glaring non-performance. After Congress raised their vocal chord on various shortcomings of the MDA coalition, Sangma spiritedly deflected the charges by reeling out factual comparison of performance records of the two governments.
To blunt the opposition, he reminded that the Congress-led coalition was against implementation of ILP going by the statement of former Chief Minister, Mukul Sangma.
Referring to the statement made by Mukul in 2013, Sangma said that the former Chief Minister had stated that the state government does want ILP even as mentioning that they will not have discussion on ILP.
“This is the statement made by the then CM in 2013 regarding ILP. The stand of the Congress was very clear that they don’t want ILP,” Chief Minister said while replying to the short duration discussion on the ‘failure of governance in the State” on the concluding day of the autumn session.
Mentioning that it was the incumbent government which had agreed to discuss this matter, he said had they had even move a resolution and passed it in the floor of the Assembly.
“But today the opposition is coming and asking us what are you doing. But they should not forget it was this government that took the initiative and passed the resolution,” he said.
According to him, they are following up with the Centre and it shows that intent of this government and seriousness on the ILP issue.
Chief Minister said: “Please don’t point finger at us when you know what your stand on the ILP issue was earlier”.
Making a reference to the Them Metor issue, Sangma said that there are few members who are asking how long this government will take to resolve this issue since the people are angry. “I want to ask what you have done in 48 years when you are there. Why you have not taken up Them Metor issue then. The people are angry against for failing to take up this issue,” he said. Chief Minister further claimed that it is this government which had taken up the issue that no other government has dared to take up the Them Metor issue. “I know it is not easy. But at least we are trying and listening to the voice of the people,” Sangma said.
Questioning why it took 47 years to pass a resolution on the inclusion of the Khasi and Garo language in the Eight Schedule, he said that the previous Congress was not bothered about it. “But now we have made the resolution. Now you are asking why it is not moving. But this does not mean I am running away from responsibility,” Chief Minister said.
He also said that it is really unfortunate that a lot of member were trying to play politics with this short duration discussion and tried to put the blame that the present has not done anything.
On the border issue, Sangma said that for the past 47 years for sake of convenience and would have meetings and maintain status quo for the border issue.
“Why can you discuss and actually go through the name. I would ask the members if anyone of you can tell the areas of differences without looking at the paper. You won’t be able to tell it because you don’t know. I know all the names all the areas. I know the ethnicity of each of these villages because we are working and talking to them,” Sangma said.
Claiming that they are really serious about solving this issue, Chief Minister said that this is the first government which has shown seriousness about the border issue and they are moving forward to find a solution.
On the blame for not implementing the MRRSA, 2016, he said that it is the incumbent government which
started the entry and exit point at Umling, Ri-Bhoi district.
Sangma further stated that it was this government which had constituted the different committees and task forces to facilitate the implementation of MRSSA.
“We have already prepared the online system for MRSSA. We are serious about it. We will take up pilot projects and software ready and everything will happen online to ensure MRSSA is implemented,” Chief Minister said.
Informing that there are a large number of steps which were taken to crack down illegal activities, he informed that a total number of 301 cases has been booked under Section 21 MMDR Act against persons involved in illegal coal mining and transportation of cola since 2019.
“This provision of the MMDR Act was brought by this government because provisions under CRPC are not that strong. Under the MMDR Act, the person will be in prison for a minimum of five years. This a seriousness that we had to ensure we reduce the overall cases of any kind illegal activities,” he said.
Meanwhile, Sangma said that the CAG report revealed that 49 lakh MT of illegal coal was transported and 5.6 lakh trucks carrying illegal coal were detected between 2013-2018.
Talking about the organic mission, Chief Minister said that there is a liability of Rs 40 crore which they will need to clear for the organic mission.
“I am not able to release this amount there is no official record of the amount being spent. There is no list of the beneficiaries which are receiving the benefit of the organic mission. How can I release the bill when there is no record? It is the same with Agar Mission,” he said.
Referring to counter insurgency operations between 2013 and 2021, Chief Minister said that the situation during the past three years was much better compared to the previous years. According to him, there are 1000 plus insurgency relates incidents between 2013 and 2018 while there are only 17 during the past three years.
Informing that there are 215 incidents of encounters between 2013 and 2018, he said that there are only six during the past three years.
He further stated that there are 900 arrests of militants between 2013 and 2018 adding that there are only 17 during the past three years.
There are 137 people who were killed during counter insurgency operations between 2013 and 2018, CM informed while informing that only three people died during the tenure of the present government. “This is a clear reflection and indication of the fact that the law and order situation is very much under control,” Sangma added.

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