CISF personnel, airline staff sensitized on global trend of illegal wildlife trade


GUWAHATI, Sept 25: A sensitization programme was held by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) and biodiversity conservation organization, Aaranyak for the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel, responsible for the security of the international airport here, and airline staffs on wildlife trafficking in aviation sector.

The awareness training for staff involved in security of airports was conducted to help develop skills to identify and review wildlife products that are being smuggled illegally through airlines. A total of around 35 persons participated from CISF and airlines including that of Indigo, GoAir and Spicejet.

Dr. Jimmy Borah, Senior Manager, LAD Aaranyak provided information to help understand the emerging illegal wildlife trade routes and developing appropriate response chains, particularly in national and international transport sector.

He provided detailed information on how the security and airline staffs should detect and respond to wildlife trafficking cases, with case examples of seizures from different airports globally.

He mentioned how the aviation sector can be instrumental in providing information to the authorities, leading to faster and greater number of arrests and seizures, and work towards curbing illegal wildlife trade.

Jawaharlal Baro, Assistant Director, WCCB spoke about the common wild animal traded in North East India and various trade routes of wildlife species in the region. He provided an overview of different seizure cases carried out by WCCB, including at airports. Nabajit Barman, Field Assistant, WCCB assisted the participants in identifying different wildlife products using X-Ray machines in airport.

The recent pandemic has shown that the threat from wildlife crime is not to the biodiversity and environment but also to the overall human health. There are multiple reports based on illegal wildlife seizures over the pandemic years which indicates that the traffickers are still taking risks to smuggle wildlife products through air transport system, which remains a cause of concern.


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