6 dead as Tura-Shillong MTC night bus skids off bridge in Nongshram, 15 other passengers critical

TURA, Sept 30: Six passengers have lost their lives and 15 others are in critical condition after their night bus, a Meghalaya Transport Corporation passenger bus going from Tura to Shillong, that was speeding at high speed lost control and went over a bridge at Nongshram village at midnight and fell into the swollen Ringdi river.

The place on incident was on the Nongshram bridge, 118 kms from Tura, and is the border between East Garo Hills and West Khasi Hills.

“Four bodies were brought out last night and another two have been found inside just now after the bus was lifted off the river by cranes,” informed East Garo Hills Superintendent of Police Bruno A Sangma while speaking to The Shillong Times from the accident spot where rescue work is taking place.

He added that another person is currently missing and search continues on the river.

The police chief confirmed that the bus was travelling at exceedingly high speed when it hit the railing of the bridge and toppled over.

Both the driver and the handyman are dead.

A blood test for alcohol consumption is to be carried out on the body of the driver during the autopsy.

The bus was almost in full capacity when it left on the journey and as per the passenger list there were 21 travellers.

There were 9 passengers from Tura and 12 others from Williamnagar.

Villagers from Nongshram were the first to rush down to the accident site on hearing of the accident last night. Injured passengers revealed that the driver was flooring the accelerator at unimaginable speed and most of them were fast asleep when tragedy struck.

The injured were initially rushed to Rongjeng government hospital, a distance of around 12 kms but had to be further shifted to Williamnagar civil hospital 64 kms away and even to Tura, a distance of 118 kms.

The large number of passengers on the bus has surprised many given the covid travel restrictions in place.

To make matters worse, MTC drivers have had a history of speeding and rash driving which prevent many travellers from using the service. Those who do not have the means are left with no choice but to use its buses on account of a reduced fare price.

Passengers Names

1.smt.Dary Tariang-31 years

2.smt. Suraia k.Sangka

3.Shri.Emamanuel G.Momin-34 years

4.smt.Nikchera T.Sangma-20 years

5.Shri.Edman pawa-38 years

6.Shri Pukan Marak -34 years

7.Shri Chigam Sangma-22 years

8.smt.Chigatchi Sangma -21 years

9.smt. Cheanbi M.Sangma-25 years

10.smt.Darilang Lapasum-25 years

11.Shri. Changbath marak

12.smt.Dimrimbal Ch. marak-23 years

13.smt.BaiaDkhar-29 years

14.smt. Iakorin Slangpling-32 years

15.Shri. Ibolang Khurumboi-50 years

16.Shri. Tiukbok Lyngdoh-41 years

17.Shri.Traiwin  R.Marak


19.Shri. Larseng


21.A Kharumnuid

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