Recognition to take more time

Inclusion of Khasi, Garo in Eighth Schedule

SHILLONG, Jan 16: The central government is unlikely to fulfil the aspirations of the people by according recognition to Khasi and Garo languages anytime soon since it is examining the pending demand for constitutional recognition of as many as 40 languages.
A senior government official said on Sunday that the state government has sent all relevant documents and materials sought by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs relating to the two languages and the Centre will examine all the demands together.
Making it clear that the Centre will not convene a meet exclusively to examine the demand for inclusion of Khasi and Garo languages under the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution, the official said the Khasi Authors’ Society and A’chik Traditional Society will have to furnish their documents and volume of work to strengthen the case in favour of Khasi and Garo languages.
“It is necessary to showcase the volume of books in poetries, articles and the list of the authors. These are important components for a language to be considered as vibrant,” the official added.
Meanwhile, UDP president, Metbah Lyngdoh said the party has been closely following up with the state government on the demand. “We have a very genuine ground to impress upon the Centre to give recognition to Khasi and Garo languages,” he said.
Lyngdoh said the state government should earnestly purse this matter with the Centre in view of the upcoming golden jubilee of statehood.
He recalled that the demand for recognition of the two languages has remained unfulfilled for years.
“We have tried to urge and plead with the Government of India that we have a reason and foundation for the inclusion of these prominent languages. It is time for the Centre to recognise Khasi and Garo languages,” he said.
It may be reminded that on November 27, 2018, the Meghalaya Assembly had passed a resolution to urge the Centre to add Khasi and Garo languages in the Eighth Schedule.

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