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Vacay with pets


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Pets perfectly encapsulate the notion of unconditional love. They provide us affection, instill a sense of responsibility in us, and are the most powerful stress buster. Nothing could ever match their pure sensation of sincerity.
They are an intrinsic part of our life. Even the thought of leaving our most vulnerable family member at home is unsettling. Then why leave your pets at home?
So, think about bringing your furry companion wherever you go. Even if it may appear to be a difficult task, having a great vacation with your four-legged companion is still manageable if you follow a few guidelines shared by Faisal Islam, Co-founder, Carry My Pet.

Consult with the vet before
planning a trip
As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to speak with your veterinarian before taking your pet on a trip. Whether it’s a veterinarian for a health and medical check-up or an international pet relocation expert for the documentation process, it is a good idea to consult them before you start planning your trip.
Based on their examination, they can tell you whether your pet is fit for travel or should be left at home.
Depending on your location, even a healthy pet may need additional vaccines or a health certificate before you go.

Don’t forget to carry your
pet’s medical documents
Every airline has its own pet-travel policies, and each country has its own pet-health regulations. So make sure you get your pet’s medical records from the vet before embarking on a journey with your pet. You’ll need copies of an animal’s medical documents and certificates, as well as proof of vaccinations (particularly rabies) if you’re moving it to another state.

Prepare the pet for the journey
The pets experience anxiety in the same way that humans do. It is vital to acclimate your pet to the voyage before beginning a journey to avoid putting your pet in an unpleasant scenario.
You can quickly assist your pets in overcoming their concerns by gradually exposing them to new situations. Take him on a short drive once or twice a week to help him with this. This will assist you in understanding their behaviour and keeping track of what causes them to fidget so you can work around it.

Don’t forget to update
the pet’s microchip
If we look from the safety point of our litter critters, they must have a microchip on them when travelling abroad. If you’re going on a trip with your pet, make sure you don’t forget to get your pet microchipped. Pet microchip comes with a unique code and has pet’s basic information like breed, age, colour, owners details. It helps government authorities confirm with the microchip number mentioned in the microchip certificate whether it is the same pet for whom the documents were filed or not.

Choose a comfortable carrier
Each airline has its own set of regulations for transporting a pet. However, as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to select the suitable crate size for your pet and ensure that the cage is provided with proper food and water arrangements, an absorbing carpet, and a few toys to keep your pets entertained. There are some airlines that allow small dogs and cats to travel in soft carriers in the cabin, while others insist that all pets be transported in the cargo hold. It is your responsibility to check the rules and regulations in advance to avoid causing any discomfort to your pets.

Avoid feeding your pet
right before travelling
Flying can sometimes make your pets feel uncomfortable. So make sure you don’t feed your pet any solid food a few hours before your trip, or try to keep them lightly fed. If you’re travelling, make sure to arrange ahead of time for your pet’s meals to avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way.
Just like you, your pets are entitled to a break. Travelling with a pet, on the other hand, necessitates considerable forethought. However, if you have all of your cards in order, you and your furry companion can have a lovely vacation. (IANSlife)


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