How India can get its act right

An optimistic Naushad Forbes writes, “What is India’s future? I deeply believe in India’s promise, in our potential for great achievement. I am also old enough to appreciate our ability to snatch failure from the jaws of success,” in The Struggle and The Promise: Restoring India’s Potential” (HarperCollins) as he presents a blueprint for the way ahead.
The Promise is our diverse culture that has something for everyone. Our young population is thirsty for education and achievement. And a strong private sector is our engine of growth. We can lead the world in the future.
The Struggle is to create a business-friendly environment, even as education, public health and quality of jobs demand attention.
How can the government, citizens and firms turn our struggle into promise and enable India to lead? How can we fix things by learning from best practices elsewhere? How can we ensure openness, inclusivity and innovation? How can independent institutions make up for low state capacity? How can our culture deliver leadership?
Forbes answers these and other critical questions concerning India’s progress. He provides a logical, actionable blueprint for getting the balance right between industry, institutions and policy. Backed by rigorous research and copious data, here’s a book that shows how to fulfil India’s potential.
“I hope you will find some of these answers to be convincing. But I hope, even more, that this will prompt wide discussion as you seek your own answers to these vital questions. We can then jointly craft India’s future,” says Forbes.
“A thought-provoking book that gives meaning and context to India’s promise and potential for great achievement,” says former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
“Naushad Forbes is not only a successful business leader but an exceptional intellectual…He is objective in his analysis of where we lag when he talks about our nation’s struggles and then takes a focused, incisive approach to highlight the immense promise of India. The result is a book with thought-provoking, practical ideas to restore India’s true potential,’ says Sachin Sharma, Executive Editor, HarperCollins India.
Born in 1960, Naushad Forbes is Co-Chairman of Forbes Marshall, India’s leading process and energy efficiency company, and was the president of the Confederation of Indian Industry (Cll) in 2016-17. (IANS)

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