UDP denies bid to topple MDA govt

SHILLONG, April 24: The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Sunday rubbished speculations about attempts being made to team up with the AITC and others to topple the NPP-led MDA government, while reaffirming its stand to stick to the coalition till the end.
“What is being circulated is farfetched, done to confuse the public. Take it from me, the UDP always has emphasis on unity and stability and we have been successful in cementing and being together in the last four years at the fag-end of the tenure. You think we will just run away?” said UDP general secretary Jemino Mawthoh.
Reassuring that the UDP has no such moves up its sleeves as the rumours suggest, Mawthoh claimed that it is an attempt to confuse the public.
Talking about UDP and its principles in terms of governance, he said, “We have experienced all kinds of government with all kinds of permutation and combination. And in spite of small numbers, we have tried our level best to be reasonable and thinking that we need to somehow stress and put emphasis on stability which is very much required.”
“We will continue to be like this and people will be the best judge. And by UDP staying steadfast in its stand to bring stability it will pay dividend in the year 2023,” he added.
Enquired if any attempt was made by the AITC to stitch up an alliance with the UDP, be it post or pre poll, he said that the AITC has made no such move so far.

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