‘Women can’t share husbands’


Allahabad, May 3: No Indian woman can “share her husband” with anyone else and stay sane in such a case, the Allahabad High Court has observed, dismissing an appeal for discharge of a polygamous man, accused of abetting suicide by his “second” wife.
Justice Rahul Chaturvedi made the observation while dismissing a Varanasi resident’s appeal challenging the order of an additional sessions judge there, rejecting his plea to discharge him in the abetment of suicide case.
“No Indian woman can share her husband at any cost. They are literally possessive about their husbands,” Justice Chaturvedi observed, dismissing the accused plea. “It would be the biggest jolt for any married woman that her husband is being shared by some other lady or he is going to marry some other lady. In such an awkward situation, it would be impossible to expect any sanity from them,” the judge said.
The case pertains to Varanasi resident Sushil Kumar, who is facing a probe into the alleged suicide by his “second wife” who took the extreme step a day after lodging an FIR against him at a police station there on September 22, 2018.
The “second wife” whom Kumar had allegedly married without neither divorcing her first wife from whom he had two children nor apprising the “second wife” of his first marriage, killed herself after coming to know that her husband was going to marry a third woman.
In the FIR that the woman lodged before killing herself, she had also alleged that following her marriage with Kumar over 10 to 12 years ago, she had been facing all sorts of persecution and harassment by her in-laws. (PTI)