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Asha Bhosle pays tribute to Lata Mangeshkar on ‘Naam Reh Jayegaa’


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Mumbai, June 9:  Legendary singer Asha Bhosle pays a melodious tribute to her elder sister and the ‘Nightingale of India’ Lata Mangeshkar on Gajendra Singh’s musical show ‘Naam Reh Jayegaa’.
The show which will be airing its seventh episode on Sunday will have Asha converse with the host of the show Sonu Nigam, on all fond and personal memories she shared with her ‘Lata Didi’.
From their childhood tales to rumored rivalry, Asha fondly remembers how their mother called Lata Di and her ‘Saku-Taku’ respectively as they were always so close to each other. The eight-episode series has more than 20 of India’s biggest artistes join hands to pay tribute to the immortal singer Lata Mangeshkar.
In the upcoming episode, Asha Bhosle remembers their childhood and says: “In other households kids used to sit and learn and revise tables, but in our house we used to light the evening diya, Lata Di would sit with the Tanpura and make all of us sing.”
Asha further shared: “Lata Di had read somewhere that if you drink water from your parents’ feet, it will do you good in life, so she asked me to get some water and she let it flow through our Aai and Baba’s feet, she believed we’d do well in life as we are blessed with our parents’ Charan Amrith. I truly think their blessings have always been with us.”
Before leaving, Asha told Sonu Nigam, “Singing alongside Didi is like ‘pahad se takraana’. Hence it was satisfyingly challenging. It was difficult to get a ‘waah’ from her but I did get her ‘waah’ for ‘Man kyu behka re behka aadhi raat ko’, and it is something I will always cherish.”
Gajendra Singh of Saibaba Productions said: “I feel God has blessed me to pull this off. The musical stalwarts who have all come together to share a common platform can only happen with divine blessings. Having Ashaji with us for this show really is exhilarating. The edit for this week has been especially challenging for me, it was very difficult to cut out anything as every word spoken by Ashaji is priceless and precious”.
Veteran music composer Pyarelal will also be seen paying his tribute to Lata Mangeshkar in this episode. Artistes Javed Ali and Neeti Mohan will be performing to Lata’s songs this week.
Asha Bhosle will be seen humming and crooning some timeless numbers and having a never-seen-before, up, close and personal chat with Sonu Nigam.
‘Naam Reh Jayegaa’ airs on Star Plus. (IANS)


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