Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Shillong Jottings


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Power or monsoon blues?
Frequent power cuts have become a part of our life. Every year during February and March, the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited resorts to load-shedding, pinning the blame on the dry spell of weather and the receding water level of Umiam lake.
But this year has been unprecedented.
We are in the midst of the monsoon season and the Umiam is filled to the brim, so much so that MeECL recently issues a notification announcing that it would have to release some water from Umiam which has been filled. But the power cuts persist.
Why is it happening is simply baffling. Citizens continue to bear the brunt of load-shedding that often stretches for hours every day and there is not even a hint of explanation from MeECL on the reason thereof.
It is simply astounding that while power supply is erratic and complaint helpline numbers remain unanswered, the billing system of MeECL works perfectly fine. The corporation is so enthusiastic about its billing service that residents are often served with inflated bills, much to their agony.
Some exasperated citizens have rightfully pointed out that the corporation has effected a change in its nomenclature but the service delivery remains lamentable.

The well-dressed city
Just a few days ago, during an impromptu conversation with a tourist, an SJ team member was told, “Your city is so well-dressed all the time!…There’s something about people taking their get-up seriously that makes me love Shillong a little more.”
It is no secret indeed that Shillongites love to dress up.
Be it for work, grocery shopping, an important event or Sunday service, what one sees is a city of well-groomed, colour-coordinated ladies and gentlemen, ready to take on whatever it is they intend to do.
The affordability of fast fashion is perhaps what lends our city its unique obsession with staying stylish. Depending upon what you are looking for, there always is a place you can go to and grab whatever you want.
On the same note, clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are easily some of the things that one finds in almost all corners of Police Bazar and Bara Bazar.
Being the central locations, even tourists make a point to pick something ‘stylish’ before they head back from Shillong.
Fashion, as such, is never out of fashion, at least in our city.


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