The MDA Puzzle


To tell the truth most of us are in total despair as to the beginning and end of all the scams, the social discussions that never seem to end, the political squabbles, war of words, queries and high level enquiries. We hear day by day of increasing controversies that seem to be firmly attached to the present MDA Government of Meghalaya. Thinking about them simply makes one’s head go dizzy with the daring, the boldness and shamelessness of it all. Waking up every morning is like waking up and looking at a circus of clowns. One Minister says something; the other says something else while a third comes out on direct contrast and opposition of what the other first two had said. The object of it all is to keep the public amused and entertained. The overall awesome ridicule of it all is on the ridiculous behavior of members of the cabinet, where you find to your complete astonishment an Order of Trappist Monks (people who have taken the vow to maintain silence and not to speak) has been established within the MDA. If this is not true then how come many of the ministers prefer to maintain complete silence on their own departments and depend on their blabber mouth colleagues to answer on their behalf. Take for instance the Urban Affairs Minister who incidentally also happens to hold charge of PWD (Roads) . Now these two departments are the worst performing yet the Minister has nothing to say in his department’s defense. So either he does not know what is going on in his department ( which is most likely) or he just doesn’t care ( which is equally possible)
Then look at the partners of the MDA and what they have to say about each other. Speak in private to high officials of the UDP and they have nothing nice to say about their senior partner the NPP. The oft repeated charge against the NPP is that it is treating them like ignorant younger brothers. Statements and solutions to problems are settled by the NPP without so much as a “what do you think”? query of courtesy to the smaller partner. The UDP is simply gearing itself to get a majority and to give their senior partner a solid kick on that part of the anatomy that hurts the most! The biggest grudge the UDP seems to harbour against the NPP is the manner in which the Minister Education ( a UDP fellow and one who was most incompetent to handle Education. But that is another story) was isolated during the teachers’ agitation and the limelight seeking NPP brushing the Minister aside when a compromise was reached with the agitating teachers.
Well, as I said before controversies, squabbles, rows and fallouts are the everyday affairs of this Government. Now we have the BJP threatening to walk out of the Government but with the lone BJP MLA who incidentally is just beginning to enjoy the perks of a cabinet post, the lone BJP member to defy his own party. Total confusion in an already confusion compounded Government.
So the question before the people of Meghalaya is very simple. In 2023 are we going to elect another hot-potch Government for the entertainment it will provide or are we going to vote for a change? I am dead sure; totally certain; absolutely confident that the answer from the public will be a big, “WE WANT A CHANGE.” So far so good but the fear is that what we shall get is just a change of faces. The performance and service will be the same. Entertainment will be provided to the full but we shall have to pay for that entertainment with the future of our children. Not that many of us care as we have already given up all hope.
So welcome 2023 and may a worse Government than the MDA come to power. Don’t be surprised then that we shall start fighting among ourselves; there will be major agitations and God help us all if another Covid scare should break out. There is only one consoling thought. At least then the Centre should begin to take notice of the breakdown of governance and that long cherished demand of declaring Greater Shillong as a Union Territory will finally come to pass.

Yours etc.,

Jorbor Phrangsngi Chyne,

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