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Top 10 baking equipments for your checklist

By Ritesh Kumar

If the idea of freshly-baked items excites you and their aroma comforts you then this is for you! It is time to up the ante in the baking world if you want to stand out and present baked cookies, muffins, breads and everything delicious. Wondering how to go about it? Well, read on!

The key to running a bakery and being active in your passion-turned business is to grab the basic tools to shape those dream croissants, biscuits, buns and cakes. It requires the ideal baking equipment to achieve perfection. Considering this, Aroma Bake Equipment has launched a wide range of machines to assist the baker in you. Unleashing quality industrial bakery essentials from ovens, dough sheeter, all-rounder mixers, working tables to display counters, here is a list to keep handy –

1. Oven! You are not a baker if you do not own this

The Oven tops the list of items for a baker. There are stone deck, convection, and rack and double-deck ovens. These are to help bakers make quality loaves of bread, cakes and biscuits. Rack oven lets a whole cart of stacked trays to be wrapped to it for baking and rotate out for a different batch. A double-deck oven will allow you to bake your confection in two different temperatures simultaneously, making it a fantastic investment if you are planning to bake artisan bread.

Remember, a trusted oven is the one that bakes at the desired temperature and leaves aside the rush to worry whether the cake or bread is ready.

2. Dough Sheeter will save you some extra time

An automatic rolling pin that is quicker and stronger will save your time as it gets the job done in less than a minute. For instance, while making certain baked items like pies or trying out delish recipes using laminated dough, the dough has to be rolled into sheets. A dough sheeter machine requires a chunk of bread to stretch it out into the thickness and size you define. It’s time you say buh-bye to that conventional rolling pin and welcome the automatic dough sheeter!

3. Rusk Plant and Bread Plant 

This is the very basic setup for an entire bread unit! It is meant for large production of bread. Investing in this is definitely a yes if you are a manufacturer of bread.

4. Planetary and Spiral Mixers – essentials of your bakery kitchen

Planetary mixer is most commonly called an all-rounder mixer in the bakery world since it does almost all the mixing. It comes handy in mixing cookie ingredients, cream mixing, cake sponge making and kneading less dough and is an excellent machine. It is for bakers who want to avoid the intensive job of mixing or creaming for extended periods. Remember, planetary mixers are the foundation of a productive bakery.

Spiral mixers are best suited for your commercial kitchen where you mostly focus on producing artisan bread, bagels, and pizzas. These are ideal for mixing dough for bread because of their ability to maintain the dough at a lower temperature.

5. Proofing/Proving Chamber – Worth your investment!

Proofers make the dough-rising process easier by maximising humidity and heat. The dough is proofed, which streamlines the manufacturing procedure. The dough in certain baked products must rise before it is baked. Rather than letting the dough grow by it, you can utilise a commercial proofer to accelerate the entire procedure. Moreover, the proofer will permit you to adjust the ideal humidity and temperature levels precisely. If you are a professional baker, investing in proof boxes is worth it since it lets the bread grow at recommended temperatures.

6. You will thank yourself for purchasing this Bread Slicer

You can rely on the bread slicer if you have to slice substantial amounts of bread with limited time. A cutting machine can make the task effortless, and of course, an electrical clipping machine will save you a great deal of time. If bread is the company’s attention, a bread slicer should grab the baker’s eye as it cuts uniform pieces in less time.

7. Racks to stack your items!

You can stack your items in racks, especially if you have a smaller workspace. Your final products can cool on the racks, leaving you some room on the counters to roll out another batch in your small kitchen. Be it mobile racks or multi-shelf static cooling racks, they will surely distract you from clutter. Mobile racks are perfect as you can move them anywhere you want in the kitchen, plus they have ample room for dozens of goods. The makers also have the simpler, multi-shelf static cooling rack to get your job done equally well if you are on a tighter budget.

8. Working Table – The Must-have!

Baking equipment makers have taken each aspect of baking into consideration and therefore, you will find its working tables in the market! Cutting and rolling dough, kneading bread, decorating the baked items, and everything else that you create in the kitchen, working tables offer you full support by providing the required space for the best baking experience.

9. Refrigerator

Imagine your kitchen without storage. And now think of what might be the result if your bakery cannot store the essentials like eggs, milk, cream, etc. The refrigerator secures storage in the right units. If you purchase the essentials in bulk, some things can be held in the freezer to get longer-term storage. If you are planning to market decorated biscuits and cakes on a big scale, you will want industrial freezers in your bakery to keep the cakes along with the cookie dough.

10. Display Counters

What you see is what you order! Showcase the best of your items in the display counters while keeping your baked items clean for longer and protecting them from spoiling and contaminating. This one-time investment will help you with the presentation of the items you made in the first place.

The author is a Delhi-based entrepreneur, and owner of Aroma Bake Equipment. Besides providing baking machinery, his business caters to the servicing requirements and customising machines as per his clients’ needs.

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