Top 36 district stars emerge as Aspire Meghalaya event ends

WGH programme marks culmination; three district stars make it to the top

TURA, Nov 8: The search for the Top 36 District Stars from a pool of more than 13,000 young adults from across the state participating in the Soft Skills and Talent Identification interventions under Aspire Meghalaya came to an end on Tuesday after the top three district stars from West Garo Hills joined the others in the Top 36 at a programme in Tura.
The Tura’s event on Tuesday marked the culmination of Aspire Meghalaya District Talent Events 2022, which had begun on October 6.
Launched in March 2022, the Aspire Meghalaya initiative is focussed on encouraging youth engagement at the grassroots level, building critical soft skills for life, improving career aspirations, and identifying emerging talents across districts. The programme is an initiative of the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs and is supported by the State Education Mission Authority Meghalaya (SEMAM).
The project is implemented by Meghalaya-based social enterprise, AVENUES.
Speaking at the event in Tura on Tuesday, Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, and MLA of North Tura Constituency, Thomas A Sangma, said, “I have now been to three of these Aspire talent events in the past two months and I have seen so much talent and potential. And let me tell you that this is just the beginning. Standing on this stage is the first step. The world is your stage, and you should own it”.
He went on to express his gratitude to the CM for having initiated such programmes where young people are given the platform to build their confidence and nurture their potential to become assets of the state and country.
Also speaking at the event, Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills Swapnil Tembe, said, “I have travelled across the country, and I have interacted with youth from different states, and I believe that the youth of Meghalaya are the most talented I have ever seen. I also feel that India and the world are not aware of this fact”.
He urged the students to participate in such programmes and to also document their talents. “Let the world know that somewhere in a remote corner of West Garo Hills, a talent is there. Work a little harder to transform your passion into your profession. And as a district administration we will do whatever we can to support you. Take this opportunity. This is your time, so make the most of it,” he added.
Also present was Mark Laitflang Stone, founder and CEO of the implementing agency, AVENUES.
Speaking of the purpose behind the Aspire Meghalaya talent events, he said, “These are not professional talents, but these students are showcasing their confidence and personal growth. We believe that the success of this programme is not that these talents will turn into a livelihood. Some of them might. But the success of the programme is that they are brave enough, courageous enough, and bold enough to come here, take the stage and conquer their fears”.
He went on to say that talent is an expression of oneself to the world and that talent should be never forgotten.
“Talent is about accepting who you are, who your friends are, and about understanding that sometimes you need a place to come home to that is in your heart, and that makes you happy about what you do in your life. This is the core theme of the Aspire Meghalaya Talent Identification Platform and we hope will continue in the years to come,” he added.
Sharing his experiences with Aspire Meghalaya, Mikaya R Marak, a Class 11 student from Dalu Government Higher Secondary School, said, “As young people, we face challenges like speaking in front of a crowd and communicating with our elders and other people. This programme has taught us the importance of having and practising values in our lives. It has also taught us how to have enough confidence to communicate clearly and effectively with others, to be confident in ourselves and to let people know who we are.”
Namsmi G Momin (Singing) of Class 11, Bajendoba Higher Secondary School, Tiame S Sangma (Singing) of Class 11, Don Bosco Mendal Higher Secondary School, and Linia Sangma (Art & Craft) of 5th Semester, Mendipathar College, were recognised as the Aspire Meghalaya District Stars from North Garo Hills.
Jiovanni Nongrum (Singing) and Gavy Jones Lyngdoh Marshillong (Dancing) of 5th Semester, Nongstoin College, and Fastrossing Kharsyntiew and Pynshaibor Wahlang (Sustainable Innovation) of Class 12, Sibsingh Memorial Higher Secondary School, were recognised as the District Stars from West Khasi Hills. First Colour Lathong (Musical Instruments) and Diangmon Sten (Art & Craft) of Class 12 students from St. Dominic Higher Secondary School, Mawkyndeng, and Wadamika Phalangki (Singing) of Class 12 from Government Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Jowai, were recognised as the District Stars from West Jaintia Hills. Roshan Ch. Sangma (Singing) of Class 12 and Kadimluchang M Marak (Dancing) of Class 10 from St. Claret Higher Secondary School, Ampati, and Moebasal Ch. Momin (Singing) of 3rd Semester, Ampati Degree College, emerged as the District Stars from South West Garo Hills. Kavita Debi (Singing) and Walman G Momin (Dancing), both Class 11 students from Loyola College, and Sahil R Marak (Dancing) of 1st Semester, Williamnagar Government College, emerged as the District Stars from East Garo Hills.
Dimesa Ch. Sangma (Dancing) and Talitha Kumi Ch. Sangma (Singing), Class 10 students from Pioneers’ Secondary School, besides Fiuberth Ch. Momin (Art & Craft), of Class 11, Captain Williamson Memorial Government College, emerged as the District Stars from South Garo Hills. AfshanaNongkynrih (Dancing) of Class 9, St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Shillong, Elanstar Mawiong (Musical Instruments), of Class 11, St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School, Pynursla, and Ashish Paul (Singing) of 1st Semester, Shillong Commerce College, Shillong, emerged as the District Stars from East Khasi Hills. Aishwadaka Dkhar (Singing) of Class 9, Rymbai Government Secondary School, Torimame Dkhar (Singing), Class 9, Sutnga Presbyterian Higher Secondary School; and Shreya Pal (Art &Craft) of Class 12, Jaintia Eastern College, were recognised as the Aspire Meghalaya District Stars from East Jaintia Hills.
Anyzza Lyngdoh (Singing), BA 3rd Semester student from Ri-Bhoi College, Banisha Kharsyntiew (Singing), Class 11, and RibanshanbokMawlong (Singing), Class 12, from Ferrando Higher Secondary School, Nongpoh, were recognised as the District Stars from Ri-Bhoi.
Richard Marwein (Art & Craft), Class 11 from Nativity Higher Secondary School, Excellency Turnia (Musical Instruments), BA 1st Semester from Sngap Syiem College and Phibalari Thongni (Dancing), Class 9, St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Rangblang, were recognised as the District Stars from South West Khasi Hills.
Grimra S Sangma (Contemporary Performance), Class 12, Tura Government College, Volgarian Ch. Sangma (Musical Instruments), Class 12, Dalu Government Higher Secondary School, and Sengkamchi R Marak (Art & Craft), Class 11, Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, were recognised as the District Stars from West Garo Hills.
Anastacia Sun (Singing) of Class 11, and Rida L Nonglait (Singing) of Class 9 from Kynshi Higher Secondary School, and Meplezia Wahlang (Dancing), 5th Semester, Tirot Sing Memorial College, were recognised as the District Stars from Eastern West Khasi Hills.
A key highlight of the district events was the felicitation of 332 campuses across districts who participated in the Meghalaya Youth Survey 2022 and Soft Skills Training interventions under Aspire Meghalaya.
All 348 talents representing 62 campuses across the state were also felicitated at their respective district events.
Talent discovery platforms were integrated into the campus training interventions that have seen the emergence of 348 promising talents from across districts in talent spaces varying from singing, dancing, sport performance and visual arts.
Top 3 talents are selected by a panel of District Talent Committee members at each district event.The District Talent Committees comprise officials from the Sports and Youth Affairs and Education departments as well as renowned personalities in various art spaces.
District Sports Officer, Saljalgring Marak, and Vice Chairperson, MCCL, Dabo Marak, were some of the officials who were present at the event in Tura on Tuesday.
It may be mentioned that the Top 36 District Stars will converge at the State Summit in December, where they will showcase their talents and the Aspire State Stars will be recognised and felicitated.

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