Conrad defends internet ban

SHILLONG, Nov 29: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday defended his government’s decision to ban mobile internet and data services following the Mukroh killings and said that in today’s world the entire process of law and order is very deeply connected with social media and the different posts that are uploaded could really instigate and create a lot of complications.
He said the state government is looking at law and order as paramount and if law and order goes out of control then it is difficult to bring it back to normalcy.
“Once the dispensation of information and law and order goes out of hand even if you ban the internet the damage is already done,” he said.
“The timing of decisions like these is very crucial I know that people had to face a lot of problem and I would like to tell them that we understand and we would always like to avoid it but we are doing it for the sake of peace in the city and to maintain law and order. We have to take steps to ensure law and order does not go out of hand,” he added.

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