Meghalaya BJP and Chuba Ao contradict each other: Cong

Shillong, Jan 28: Responding the BJP national vice president and state in charge Chuba Ao’s assessment of the Congress performance in the upcoming Meghalaya Assembly election, the Congress advised Chuba Ao not to waste time to meddle in the internal matters of the party.

“Perhaps Mr Ao should keep himself occupied in improving the performance of his own party. One hope that the BJP learns its most important lesson from the previous elections, which is to respect the essential secular principles of the Constitution and its Preamble and to take action against those of its foot-soldiers who insist on violating the principles of secularism and social harmony endlessly,” says a statement issued by the president of Shillong City Congress Committee, Dr Omarlin Kyndiah.

“Chuba Ao has expressed confidence about his party’s performance which is contrary to the assessment of BJP state president, Ernest Mawrie.  Ao and the state BJP seem to be in the state of confusion on BJP’s prospect in Meghalaya. Thus projecting BJP  a ‘confused party of confused leaders,” the city Congress statement added.



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