Conrad, Tynsong among 88 to file nominations

SHILLONG/ NONGPOH, Feb 4: On the 5th day of filing of nominations, top names in Meghalaya’s political spectrum such as Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, Deputy CM Prestone Tynsong, Transport Minister Sniawbhalang Dhar, and VPP’s Ardent Basaiawmoit were among a total of 88 candidates who filed their nominations for the February 27 polls on Saturday.
NPP Supremo Conrad is contesting from South Tura, while NPP’s Tynsong and Dhar filed their nominations from Pynursla and Nartiang constituency respectively, while Basaiawmoit has his eyes set on Nongkrem seat.
Other candidates include Cabinet minister and UDP candidate, Kyrmen Shylla from Khliehriat, NPP candidate from Raliang, Comingone Ymbon, NPP candidate Samlin Malngiang from Sohiong, VPP candidate Adelbert Nongrum from North Shillong, HSPDP candidate Martle N Mukhim from Mawkynrew, NPP candidate Kennedy C Khyriem from Mawphlang, UDP candidates Process T Sawkmie from Mawlai and Shitlang Pale from Sutnga-Saipung.
Sitting KHADC MDCs who filed their nomination were three NPP candidates — Grace Mary Kharpuri from Shella, Teiborlang Pathaw from Mawlai, and Alvin K Sawkmie from Mawsynram.
Sitting MLAs who filed their nominations include TMC candidate Miani D Shira (Ampati), Nujorki Sungoh (Mookaiaw), TMC candidate George B Lyngdoh (Umroi), NPP candidate Abdus Saleh (Rajabala), TMC candidate Lazarus Sangma (Chokpot), besides NPP candidates Gigur Myrthong from Mawshynrut and Brening A Sangma from Dalu.
Female candidates who filed their nomination on Saturday were TMC’s Elgiva Gwyneth Rynjah (North Shillong), TMC’s Santa Mary Shylla (Sutnga-Saipung), VPP’s Ibandaplin F Lyngdoh (Mylliem), NPP’s Biolinda L Nonglait (Mawthadraishan), besides Congress’ Lakyntiew Sohkhlet (Sohra), Banida Shisha Kharkongor (Nongthymmai), and Clara R Sangma (Rajabala).
The VPP candidates who filed their nominations include Avner Pariat from East Shillong, Raja Jyrwa from West Shillong, Wingston Tony Lyngdoh from Nongthymmai, Shanlang Warjri from Mairang, Brightstarwell Marbaniang from Mawlai, Damewanhi L Rymbai from Khliehriat, Ricky AJ Syngkon from Umsning, Doristar Marbaniang from Mawphlang, Manbhalang Thabah from Pynursla, Oliver Imiong from Ranikor and Danny Langstieh from South Shillong.
TMC candidates include Lasting Suchiang from Mookaiaw, Sunmoon D Marak from Jirang, Gilbert Nongrum from Umsning, Gilbert Guidingstar Laloo from Mylliem, Vincent T Sangma from Mawsynram, Donbor Marbaniang from Mawkynrew, Fernandez S Dkhar from Rambrai-Jyrngam, Macmillan Kharbani from Nongstoin, Sengkal A Sangma from Dalu, Dr Rajesh M Marak from Rongara-Siju, Lazarus M Sangma from Chokptot, Richard M Marak from South Tura, and Saljagringrang R Marak from Baghmara.
From the Congress, Richard Sing Lyngdoh filed his nominations from Raliang, Erson Marwein from Mawrynkneng, Wellborn Bynnud from Shella, Chesterfield Sangma from Dadenggre, Roger Benny A Sangma from Dalu, Sinbath Ch Marak from Salmanpara, Edmund K. Sangma from Rangsakona, Sailendra R. Sangma from Phulbari and Frederick D Sangma from Raksamgre.
UDP nominations include Heavingstone Kharpran from Mawryngkneng, Mawthew Beyondstar Kurbah from Mawphlang, Polester Nongsiej from Nongstoin, Subhankar Koch from Selsella, and Sushil Gayari from Raksamgre.
Others from the NPP to file nomination were Ransom Sutnga from North Shillong, Kansing Lyngshiang from Mawkynrew and Violet Lyngdoh (substitute candidate of NPP).
PDF’s two candidates were Shemhok Garod and Donlang Sohkhlet from Umsning.
Independent candidates who filed their nominations include Serazul H Kharkongor (Mahendraganj), Forcastar Nongran (Jirang), Richard Nongbsap (Mylliem), Donkupar Massar (Pynursla), Nijun Sangma (Rajabala), Sukberline S Sangma (Gambegre )and Pollop R Marak (Selsella).
Lastly, HSPDP candidate Medalsing Lyngdoh filed nominations from Mawkyrwat, BJP candidate and former legislator Benedic R Marak from Raksamgre, JDU candidate Ful Baksha Sheikh and GNC candidate Sairil D Sangma.
In Nongpoh, apart from George B Lyngdoh, other TMC candidates who filed their nomination papers were Dr Saralin Dorphang from Mawhati, Longsingh Bey from Nongpoh, Sunmoon Marak from Jirang, and Gilbert Nongrum Umsning.
Other candidates filed their nomination include Dr Ricky J Syngkon from Umsning for VPP, Roswell Shadap from Mawhati for PDF, Forcasting Nongrang from Jirang as Independent.
BJP’s Marian Maring has filed nomination from Nongpoh where she will take on heavyweights such as former Nongpoh MLA, Mayralborn Syiem, who is yet to file his nomination papers, Macdalyne Sawkmie of the NPP and Rona Khymdeit from the Congress.

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