Chaos outside DC’s office as candidates file nomination

SHILLONG, Feb 4: As candidates continue to flock to Deputy Commissioner’s office here to file their nomination papers for the February 27 polls, chaotic scenes were witnessed outside the premises on Saturday as supporters in large numbers waited for their candidate’s return leaving behind a trail of chaos.
The numbers only grew as more candidates arrived to file their papers and the population of supporters only swelled.
Five persons per candidate are permitted to enter the office premises while filing of nominations — this means almost all of the supporters are left stranded outside.
It was undoubtedly a scene of festivity as supporters of different political parties danced and shouted slogans while waiting for their candidate to return. But it also triggered traffic jam in the area.
What begun as fanfare, slowly turned into exasperation for the public, especially those that were using the roads.
At one point, everyone seemed wary about a possible clash as supporters of rival parties began competing while sloganeering. However, nothing untoward was reported.
Traffic police personnel were seen doing all they can to clear the traffic jam from IGP point till DC’s office junction. But this continued for almost half a day leaving drivers weaving through the human maze with the help of traffic police. In the wake of the gathering, litter lay strewn on the road after the filing of nominations came to a close.
Challenges for DC’s office
Inside the DC’s office, the staff were facing a separate set of challenges.
Some of the candidates as well as lawyers, who assisted the candidates in filing their nomination, have complained about some officers being slow in finishing the process of nominations.
Even Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong was visibly unhappy as he waited for a long time while another candidate was in the Returning Officer’s chamber.
One of the lawyers pointed out that in some chambers, the process took close to two hours, which, in his career, was happening for the first time.

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