Entire public transport in Guwahati will run on green energy by 2026: CM



Guwahati, March 21: In a move to sensitize and educate the masses on LiFE actions for promoting sustainable living and helping people tackle climate change, Chief Minister  Himanta Biswa Sarma today launched Mission Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) in Assam at a function held at GMCH auditorium here today.

Mission LiFE is a weeklong programme which is an initiative of the Science Technology and Climate Change Department to launch Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment). The Mission in Assam will be followed by a weeklong series of activities to be carried out at district level addressing all seven categories of LiFE actions during 22 to 28 March, 2023.

The seven categories of actions will be observed spanning seven days. The first day will be dedicated to save water, second day save energy, third day reduce single use plastic, fourth day adopt sustainable food systems, fifth day reduce waste, sixth day reduce E-Waste, seventh day adopt healthy lifestyle.

Chief Minister Sarma said that global warming is an alarming threat which is looming large on the lives of the planet. As an outcome of the global warming, unprecedented flood and drought, drinking water scarcity etc are becoming very evident with a plausible impact on the economy. He said that in such circumstances there is a growing need for awareness on the mass people to comprehend the adverse effects of global warming on the nature as well as on flora and fauna.

He also said that over the last few years there has been considerable shrinkage of wetland and green coverage in Guwahati. As a result, the people of the city along with its neighbours are facing acute problem with regard to health and their surroundings. He said there was a need for everybody to change their life style and take actionable steps to reverse the trends of environmental degradation.

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been advocating for clean and green energy, Dr. Sarma also said that in view of the nation’s vision for generating 500 GW solar power by 2030, Government of Assam has taken several steps to contribute to the nation’s march towards green energy. He informed that his government has already initiated processes to produce 3000 MW solar power.

He also said that to cut down carbon emission, State government is introducing electric vehicles in Guwahati and by 2026 entire public transport will be run on non-fossil fuel and electricity. Sarma also said that his government is also taking various nature friendly steps like using earthen wares instead of plastic cups etc. He said that the effort will greatly be helpful in reviving the earthenware market.

He said Assam governmengt in view of the encroachment of the forest land has taken steps to recover 6067 hector forest land from the encroachers. This has helped the state to restore its green coverage to a great extent. He on this occasion urged upon everybody to lend their hands for the success of Mission LiFE. He said that adherence of the people to Mission LiFE will help the state in conserving water, saving energy and promoting desirable lifestyle for the judicious use of natural resources.

The Chief Minister on the occasion presented Climate Resilient Village Fellowship Cards to some competent fellows to direct their efforts and energy for environmental protection. He also distributed prizes to the winners who secured positions in the art competition organised in view of Mission LiFE.