Hrithik Roshan’s security pushes away fan who wanted to click picture with actor


Shillong, April 16: With his ex-wife, interior designer Sussanne Khan, and her lover Arslan Goni, actor Hrithik Roshan went out to dinner. Using Instagram, a paparazzo user shared a video of Hrithik leaving a Mumbai eatery. The actor was dressed in a blue cap, blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and black shoes.

After approaching his car, Hrithik waited for the others to get in. Hrithik received a request for a photo, but the actor graciously declined. The actor leaned in closer when a delivery person sought to take a photo with him. However, the man was pushed away by his security guard.

Zayed Khan, Sussanne Khan’s brother, approached Hrithik after leaving the eatery a short while later. Sussanne and Arslan came after him. Sussanne and Arslan matched in black clothing during the outing. Arslan chose a black T-shirt and blue jeans, while Sussanne opted for a black top and khaki trousers. The video also featured Hridaan, the younger son of Hrithik and Sussanne.

In a private ceremony held in Bangalore in December 2000, Hrithik and Sussanne exchanged vows. Hridaan was born in 2008, but they had Hrehaan in 2006. Sussanne and Hrithik divorced in November 2014 after separating in December 2013. At the moment, Hrithik is seeing actress Saba Azad.

Hrithik and Saba were recently spotted dining together in Mumbai. The performers wore identical black clothing. Saba donned a sleeveless black gown, while Hrithik opted for a black T-shirt and shirt. Hrithik greeted the photographers before proceeding to the car. Since last year, Hrithik and Saba have appeared in public together.