No role for an anchor in T20 format of cricket, says Rohit Sharma

Shillong, May 25: The anchor position in T20 cricket, according to India captain Rohit Sharma, has been rendered obsolete by the format’s major evolution.

Rohit is committed to developing his potential as a batsman despite setbacks in his batting strategy. He stressed that in T20 cricket, an anchor is no longer necessary until a side finds itself in danger early on in the innings. He emphasised that in order to advance in the game, players must now embrace new tactics and perspectives.

“In my opinion, there is no longer a need for an anchor. Unless you are 20/3 or 4, which is not going to happen every day, it is simply the way T20 cricket is played these days”, Rohit stated on Jio Cinema. “You will find yourself in that situation occasionally, and someone will need to lead the innings and end on a high note. The anchor role is obsolete since men now play in diverse ways. You are going to lose if you do not alter your perspective. On the flip side, players are approaching the game from a new angle and elevating it” he said.

He said that every batsman needs to play their part and even a burst of 30 to 40 runs off a few balls may be just as vital as a big total.

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