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DCs asked to take note of ‘donation’ menace


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By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, Oct 22: The Opposition Trinamool Congress on Saturday said the trend of slapping demand notes for ‘donations’ by NGOs and sundry groups, most of them unheard of, is very disturbing and the deputy commissioners should take cognisance of it.
“The news of people being demanded money or softly extorted in the guise of any event or ceremony is very disturbing,” TMC vice-president, George B. Lyngdoh said.
“The deputy commissioners and police should take cognisance of the complaints (about such donations) from various sections of society,” he said, adding that tribal businessmen are also being troubled by “donation” seekers.
“Any organisation collecting funds or mobilising support for a genuine cause is acceptable, but the law has to be followed and permission taken from the deputy commissioner concerned,” Lyngdoh said.
If shady elements are allowed to collect so-called donations, people would start doubting the genuine organisations too, he felt. “People will not know which organisation is genuine and which is fake,” he said.
Shopkeepers in many parts of the state continue to be slapped with demand notes for ‘donations’ by NGOs and sundry groups, most of them unheard of.
Pleading anonymity, some shopkeepers told The Shillong Times that they receive at least three such demand notes a month. The demand for donations increases during festive seasons.


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